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An allergist is trained to find the source of your symptoms, treat it and help you feel healthy. After earning a medical degree, the doctor must complete a three-year residency-training program in either internal medicine or pediatrics. Then, an allergist completes two or three more years of study in the field of asthma, allergy and immunology. Look for the allergist logo to find a doctor who is an expert in treating allergies and asthma


Offering Food Oral Immunotherapy (OIT)


First Allergy Center in Asia to use latest techniques for skin tests with Multi-Test PC(Pain Control), alleviates the pain of Allergy Skin Testing (Innovative System by Lincoln Diagnostics USA)


Important message from Dr.shahid to parents, teachers, general public and media to note the early signs and symptoms of children allergies before they develop severe allergic diseases


Dr. Shahid Abbas ex Chief Allergy & CT&DRD, NIH, Islamabad introducing ORAL ALLERGY Vaccine or SLIT (Sub Lingual Immune Therapy) and ULDI or EPD for the first time in Pakistan

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We Welcome WELCOME TO ALLERGY AND ASTHMA CENTER : We are focused on long term health and optimal health of our patients. The key word is long term health. We are dedicated to Finding the Cause of Illness and Treating the Cause–rather than covering up symptoms with drugs. Instead of stitching up this, zapping that, figure out what is wrong. Look through the conditions we treat – and always feel free to contact us or make an appointment for consultation with Dr. Shahid Abbas.

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  1. Most chronic illnesses result from environmental, nutritional, dietary and hormonal causes
  2. Environment, our immune system, endocrine system are all related and constantly interact with our entire body
  3. Since these factors can affect any body organ or target multiple organs simultaneously, you can get illness in any or multiple organ systems
  4. Therefore, Environmental Medicine physician looks at the patient as a whole. That is why in treating these illnesses a holistic approach is needed.

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