About Us

We welcome you to our practice at the International Allergy Clinic Dubai. We are focused on long term optimal health of our patients. The key word is long term health. We are dedicated to do so by Finding the Cause of Illness and Treating the Cause–rather than covering up symptoms with drugs. Instead of stitching up this, zapping that, we figure out what is wrong.

What are the benefits of such an approach and how does it bring long term optimal wellness?

There are three main benefits of this approach. The following example will make it clear. Let us assume you have headaches.If we can find the cause of your headaches and treat the cause, what will happen to your headaches? These will go away. So, the first benefit is: Getting Rid of Your Symptoms,When your headaches are gone, what will happen to your drug use? You are right-this will go down too. So the second benefit will be: Getting Rid of Your Drugs.

Who wants drugs when there are effective alternatives?

When your headaches are gone and drug use has gone down, what will happen to your visits to physicians, pharmacies and emergency room,etc.? Obviously dependence on them will be reduced. You will be a free person — free of symptoms — free of drugs — virtually free of dependence on the medical system.

This is the crux. This is how you will be able to achieve optimal wellness and maintain it for decades to come. You may say, “I have severe asthma, or severe migraine headaches, or severe fatigue, or severe fibromyalgia or severe colitis,” or whatever your problems are. How is it possible to accomplish all this?

A good question. The answer is very simple. “Educate – Not Medicate” is the basis for all this. We will walk you through this whole process.

“Educate-Not Medicate”

What we believe

We all know that a patient’s beliefs can make a lot of difference in the end result of a treatment. Thinking positively, expecting positively, having an upbeat attitude, and taking an active role in your health is likely to bring much better results than otherwise.  In an article I recently came across, Larry Dossey, MD, raised an interesting question:

“What is the effect of the physician’s belief system on a patient’s outcome?”

I had never thought of it like that, but as I pondered over this question, I realized that it has an immense impact. Therefore, I am sure you would like to know what I, as your physician, believe.

We are all quite familiar with the traditional treatment that depends upon treating your symptoms with drugs. Use of antihistamines, painkillers, wheezing medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-hypertensives, nerve pills, etc. are all examples of treating symptoms. Remember, a headache is not an aspirin-deficiency state.  As an environmental physician, this is my most important belief.  Diseases do not happen from lack of drugs in the body. Therefore, we stress finding the cause and treating the cause.