Condition Description

A chronic inflammatory disease of the bronchial tubes characterized by intermittent airway obstruction.

Common Symptoms

  • General wheezing, tightness in one’s chest or difficulty taking a deep breath
  • Shortness of breath upon physical exertion
  • Acute attacks of wheezing and shortness of breath
  • Chronic coughing

Underlying Causes

  • Inhalant allergies to dust, molds, pollens, or animal dander (dog, cat, etc.)
  • Hidden food allergies; this is less frequent than inhalant allergies
  • Chemical sensitivity to fragrances, tobacco smoke, household chemicals and cleaners, air fresheners, laundry detergents or other chemicals

Traditional Approach

  • Bronchial dilators like Albuterol, Xopenex, Serevent, Foradil
  • Inhaled steroids like Flovent, Pulmicort, or Azmacort

Our Approach

  • Test for inhalant allergies; if found, treat with a desensitization program (allergy injections)
  • Test for hidden food allergies; if found, treat with a desensitization program or avoidance


Condition Treated:



Brighter Future Because of What We’ve Learned . .




9 yrs, male


By his mother, M.R is only 12 years old, but during his short life, he’s known a lot of sickness.  As a baby and toddler, he had frequent ear infections and upper respiratory infections and eczema on creases and some times generalized rashes. He was miserable.  He’s always had mood swings and tended toward “hyperactive” behavior.  At age 5, he was hospitalized with bronchospasms and had several “asthmatic” type reactions during the next two years.  Then he began to develop sinus infections and by age 8 was sick 8 months of the year.   After allergy testing and treatment, MR is a totally different child.  He is calmer, quieter, happier, less tired, and better able to concentrate on his schoolwork.  The eczema is gone.  He has only 2-3 colds a year and they don’t seem to develop into the frequent infections that they used to.  He can breathe freely and he enjoys jogging!  He has fewer stomachaches and headaches, and life is just “more fun”! We are grateful to God for the healing that we see and to Dr. Shahid and his staff for unraveling the “mystery” of M.R’s ill health.  He now has a brighter future because of what we’ve learned . . . .  Thanks!