Patch Testing Now in Dubai

  • Are you suffering from allergy to Hair dyes, Jewelry, Perfumes, Cosmetics, dental implants, dentures, Colored Clothes, Medicines, Corticosteroids, Shoes? It is not simple allergy it is Allergic Contact dermatitis and you need PATCH TEST
  • These can cause Eczema, rashes at the site and on distant parts of the body
  • Latest Patch tests done with world No.1 Patch test kits and by DR.Shahid ABBAS consultant Allergy and Immunology 


You may have contact dermatitis and need PATCH TEST if you:-

  1. Your dermatitis/eczema becomes always (or frequently) aggravated after a skin contact to particular objects and your skin can become itchy, cracked, red, sore and may even bleed (e.g. a pen, toy, shoes) or substances (e.g. hand cream, perfume, metal working fluid at your work etc.).
  2. You can be allergic to an ingredient in your shampoo, soap, makeup, aftershave, jewelry, medication or your clothing.  (Your skin can become itchy, cracked, red, sore and may even bleed).
  3. You may also have a reaction to an allergen in your workplace because allergens are common in cleaning supplies, paper and ink, disinfectants, construction materials and rubber products.
  4.  Your dermatitis/eczema is restricted to, or more pronounced in the areas of the body that were in most contact with the given object or substance.
  5. You can have rashes in different parts of body away from contact part eg u may have rashes on legs due to allergy to jewelry.
  6. Your dermatitis/eczema clears or improves during holidays, and relapses after you are coming back to your home or work.
  7. Your dermatitis/eczema is mainly located on the hands, around the eyes, or in the genital area.
  8. Your dermatitis/eczema lasts longer than 3 months, even if another diagnosis was already established (other chronic inflammatory diseases of the skin may enable the penetration of sensitizers and promote sensitization).


We are proud to introduce the most advanced Patch Test Chamber, IQ Ultimate™, evaluated in international multicenter studies, We are Authorized Distributors in Pakistan for Chemotechnique Diagnostics



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 ABS-1000: Patch test commonly used series Australian Baseline Series B-1000: Bakery Series BS-1000: Belgium Standard Series C-1000: Cosmetic Series CAD-1000: Cutaneous Adverse Drug CS-1000: Corticosteriod Series DMP-1000: Dental materials patients DMS-1000: Dental materials staff series DS-1000: Dental Screening Series E-1000: Epoxy Series EP-1000: European Photopatch Baseline EPE-1000: European Photopatch Extended F-1000: Fragrance Series FIN-1000: Finnish Standard Series GB-1000: British Standard Series H-1000: Hairdressing Series I-1000: Isocyanate Series ICB-1000: International Comprehensive INC-1000: Indian Cosmetic & Fragrance INS-1000: Indian Standard Series 2008 IS-1000: International Standard Series LA-1000: Latin American Baseline Series LU-1000: Leg Ulcer Series MA-1000: (Meth) Acrylates Series ME-1000: Medicament Series MET-1000: Metal series MN-1000: (Meth) Acrylates Series, Nails MP-1000 (Meth): Acrylates Series, Print NA-1000: North American Series O-1000: Oil & Cooling Fluids Series P-1000: Photographic Chemicals Series PG-1000: Plastic & Glues Series PL-1000: Plant Series POL-1000: Polish Baseline Series R-1000: Rubber Additives Series S-1000: European Baseline Series SH-1000: Shoe Series SS-1000: Svensk Basserie SU-1000: Sunscreen Series FP-500: Filter Paper 500 pcs IQ-100: IQ-Chambers 100x10 tests IQ-U: IQ Ultra IQ-UL: IQ Ultimate AP-P: Application Device for RP: Reading Plate IQ-Chamber RP-P: Reading Plate Plus TRAY: Plastic Allergen Tray UV-LAMP: UV-lamp handheld CoT: CoT Chemo Cobalt Test NT: Chemo Nickel Test SM: Chemo Skin Marker - Regular SMS Chemo Skin Marker - Slim SMUV Chemo Skin Marker - UV

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