Success Stories

Assalamu Alaikom

I am Hebatallah 44 years old mom of 4 kids , i am suffering from asthma since my childhood , but the issue was getting worst last four years and it become asthma and food allergy as well i was taking some inhalers but it was temporary medication , i searched a lot for good dr. till i found Dr.Shahid Abbas and read about his achievements and results in this field of medication.I started my medication with Dr.Shahid September 2017 it has been 4 months now since my first  vaccine injections.The results started to show and improvement is there , My asthma and breath problems improvements  60% , my sneezing 50% improvement and skin food allergy also 50% improvement , some areas in my hands the itching and allergy has gone totally.I also now take my inhalers and antihistamine medicines rarely and not like before on regular bases .This improvements makes my life easier and better i hope i will reach to 100% improvement and live my life normal with my family.
thank you Dr. Shahid for your care.

Hebatallah Al Huneiti