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Album TD 4

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The creators of DS Album, the software for creating albums for Photoshop, have developed a new tool: the Turbo Design Album. With the full power of the album design service, our new design mechanism instantly creates a layout for panoramic sheets and double pages. Attractive and modern design can be changed according to your style. With Turbo Design Album you can create a wedding album, communion, baptism, senior, etc. Make; any album theme with excellent layouts in seconds. Fast, easy and full of features:

The only album design software that allows you to design all the distributions at once, including backgrounds, masks, clippings, and of course image rotations and changes in transparency.

Drag to instantly create a design.

Grid mode to create all spreads at once.

Easily change locations and add pictures between distributions.

To change the distribution order, drag and drop.

Exact distance between images.

Includes photos, among other things.

Fields around pictures.

Contains backgrounds, illustrations and mask. You can even add your own to the library.

Use the image as background.

Built-in image editor to set levels, contrast and brightness, shadows and lighting, color saturation, sharpness.

Return images and cliparts.

Save your projects as a layout.

Almost endless combinations of layouts, fields and rooms.

A truly dynamic preview of layouts with images, backgrounds and cuts.

Separate background color on the left and right.

Set the opacity of the background and the saturation of the shades.

Set the opacity and color of the clipart.

Export length-cut documents as smart objects in Adobe Photoshop.

Full color management, export to sRGB and Adobe RGB

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