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Online game and local fun Among us is a multiplayer game about teamwork and betrayal! You and your cremator can play this game online or via local Wi-Fi and try to keep your spaceship together. It is important that you all work together to return to civilization. Beware of those you trust, assume there is an alien cheater on her desk! A parasitic-shaped gearbox has replaced one of your crew and will try to harm your efforts. Versions of this game for Android and iOS are free and all versions support multi-platform playback, so you can join other players regardless of yours; What is in our mix? In the game, you and several players play as individuals in a group of spacecraft, preparing to enter space. Either way, there are cheaters among the group that will undermine your activities. Still, the cheaters will try to kill everyone in the group in the same way. You and your team need to react quickly to resume cheating attacks. Monitoring your differences is essential; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); They can also join your team, whether they use multi-purpose customization or a game workspace. As the group prepares the craft for the flight, they discover that one of the team members is actually an outsider! This scam will take over the ship and execute everyone in it. The best way to win is to get a vote, knock the faker off the ship, and keep his promises; There are a predetermined number of advances you can make, namely walking, holding or using, killing and reporting on the body. Various controls give you access to the minigam and you can rotate the entire screen. As a team member, you need to react quickly to correct a faulty malfunction. Likewise, you should immediately report the dead bodies so the group can investigate who did it; How do you play between us? You need to find out who the cheater is. He will disturb the ship, slip through the openings, misread yours and observe others so as not to spoil his mask. The catch is that no one on the team is allowed to speak to cause oblivion. An online multiplayer game can play four to ten players. You can connect with a variety of players on the Internet and with players nearby; You can request an emergency meeting to investigate a person who seems suspicious to you. Then you could vote to launch a person you all think is a cheater. Be careful that the woman of execution doesn’t execute you. In addition to finding a cheater, you and your group can similarly dominate by matching by filling the collection toolbar. You can do this through the setup task; To make the game challenging, you can play a trick in your team. Like a cheater, you can claim to do chores to mix with crematoria. At that point, you can escape and try to undermine team activity. You can use the valves to move quickly on the boat. You can use attacks to cause turmoil and divide the team. Plus, you can sketch viewers and make them look like an occasional survival game! Among us, the casual game is suitable for groups of beginners. Jajij and other players benefit from the internet versus the players and the cooperative environment. Moreover, all your friends can join the same server regardless of the device; Together, you can devise a strategy for finding an alien trying to take over a ship

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