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Battlefield 1 Update Download

Battlefield 1

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Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter game, which is set during World War II. It was created for the PlayStation 4, XBox One and Windows PCs. You are probably accustomed to the games of World War I now, and admit that they usually mean inferior technology equipment and Cutie machines, but not in this game. This game is Hard-Core and realistic blisters. You did not experience the explosion before you knew Battlefield 1.

Unlike the games, it reminds you (feature () {(“Review-App-page-Desktop”);});

At first glance, you would have to forgive the thought of the “Medal of Honor”, but play a little and you will see that there is a difference in the world. The game is much smoother, and there are many more things around you than in the medals game. You fight in the Second World War from the point of view of the first person, where your weapon is held in the lower left or right of the screen until you start shooting. Browse the story in a linear way, but in an environment that seems open to the world/sandbox. Follow your mission settings and get into the battles and dramas you’re going to. The graphics are out of this world, so you have to play PC games if you don’t use the console. History is human, it does not really win war, it is about the population in it. The story and character of the action seems to be inspired by Fury’s war film.

Explosions of cracking fireworks and heavy dramatic strikes

As a PC war game taught us, the sound is everything, and the creators of Battlefield 1 know IT. Shoot someone close and you can hear their legs break as the bullets fly through. The sound of the explosions is strong, and the sound of the guns is not too repetitive, which is a big plus for the first person shooter like that. The graphics are fantastic, but they are not perfect. As with many war games, face-to-face is a little off. Given the current technology of the console, they could have made a little more character on the faces. Instead, they put most of their efforts into effect, which is why the game looks awesome when the battle is full swing. The creators have included quite a few different games, because you jump from one scenario to the foot, another plane, and another ball and so on. This adds to the replay of the game, but removes the perceived realism of the game. Unfortunately, the creators have been sniffing the pieces of the game so they can make a downloadable content sale. For example, you can not play in French if you do not pay extra.


The story is new, but proven, war drama, and the gameplay is well above average. EA has spotted a bit, with money clearing and forcing players to pay extra downloadable content before they can enjoy the whole game. However, if you bought games for PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, Battlefield 1 is the reason why you paid all the money.

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