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Simulation Cat Simulation Go Fishing is a 2D arcade game and simulation game for Windows and Android platforms. The player is a cat who begins his journey to the island with a stick. The goal is to catch as many fish as possible, make money and use them to improve and move on. These two methods further add ingredients, collect and update Cat5 games developed by Cat Fishing. You can run it on Android and Windows, but remember that it is not a free game – the purchase is the same (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The main idea is that you fish in lakes and seas, improve your skills and get updates. When you go, you get better rods, equipment and even a boat so you can catch bigger and rarer fish. The trick is that not all fish follow the same behavior. You will find elegance throughout your game and change your style for the better. In addition to fishing, the game has a variety of missions and cash prizes. The successes you can achieve are making money, collecting valuable fish, opening and replacing reeds and boats, preparing hats and more. Strategic aspect There is a strategic element in Cat Fishing. For example, when you go in the water, small fish want to fish, but you can use smart ways to clear the way for many gifts. When buying equipment, you should also consider the fish you are looking for and buy accordingly. The game has a lot of information about bait, which can make a difference the next time you are in the water. Normal play The starting point of the game is simple, but it does not let you worry too much about every second. Instead, you can sit down and enjoy the real fish movement. At the same time, learn about the species that value the coast and those that live in the oceans. Catch insects and prey too, as you can use your small fish as bait for larger fish instead of selling it. What can you do for cat fishing? You will find two game modes in Cat Fishing – Realism and Reality. There are six chances to save in total, so you can try different playing styles in both and return to your favorite. Under normal circumstances, your goal is to catch specific fish species. You will find the best way to do it and get in the water. The truth is a little more strategic. It connects additional steps on the fish side, even allowing them to break the line. The game of catching a variety of species would no doubt be boring if you caught the same species over and over again. This game, like its competitors like Sega Bass Fishing and TrueFish, tries to prevent this by expanding the list of possible changes. Messages You can also make money through various missions. Some have to take on certain species, others reward you for launching far away and many others exist. When you take on and complete a mission, you reach higher and higher levels. For everyone, you open something new – a catalog, a hardware store where you can even buy a rocket! Design This game has a beautiful and simple life for you – a cute cat – with lovely fish and a variety of beautiful landscapes. It’s not very detailed, it’s still very good to share with you. The soundtrack is a soothing song, but it can be annoying over time, as there is only one in the game. Hours of Fun Again Again, with a simple summary like this, Cat Going to Fishings is incredibly focused on the details and varietyas it provides. Although not a very immersive experience, it can provide hours of normal relaxation. Once you have become a great fisherman, you may want to try such luck. Fishing Club 3D is perfect, for example, if you want to try a game of this type in multiplayer mode. Octoggedon does not fish, but it has interesting, stupid shapes that have the same feel as a normal game. Fishing Cat lets the player sit down and enjoy a relaxing activity on their computer. It is a relaxed, healthy work with a fun collection and a wonderful art. However, the game looks like an experience that you can get for free and it does not have enough bells and whistles to pay for it.

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