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Cinderella 2021

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Contemporary film music that boldly embraces a classical fairy tale. Our ambitious heroine has big dreams, and she tries to make them come true with the help of her wonderful godfather.

Before Cruella de Vilik becomes a teenager, Estella has a dream. She wants to become a fashion designer, gifted equally with talent, innovation and ambition. But life seems determined to make sure his dreams never come true. Estella, a penniless and orphan from London at the age of 12, hits the streets of the city with her best friends and (small) criminal partners, two amateur thieves, Horatius and Jasper. As a casual encounter dives into the world of Estella’s rich and famous, she begins to doubt the existence she created for herself in London and wonders if she could really define it more. When an ambitious rock star advises Estella to design a signature for her, she begins to feel really arrived. But what does fast crowd tracking cost and is Estella willing to pay? Katie

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