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Cross Fire is the first player on the first Internet (FPS). You are sharing some players online for team installations, which may take several minutes, you must choose the name of the Cross Cross brand and this character. There are three options to choose from: Russian OMOH, British SAS or an American expert. There are also different types of weapons to attach. The menu is more complicated, but you do not have to spend too much time unless you want to work () {(‘desktop page-desktop’);}}; Subscribing to the game servers is very simple, and once you do, with a list of participating games or you can create your own. Cross Hot has four fashions to play: Death Death, Search and Destroy, Ghost Spirit Removal, which is more innovative Here, soldiersthey are locked, with weapons and knives, and they have to turn to destroy the seemingly more popular Death Games, because it offers quick action. The control is typical for fps and works well. Graphics are acceptable, no wonder, which means that Cross Cross works well on many computers. In the free games many characters, it’s amazing. The sound is good, and the game really resembles an online action, Cross Fire must fully fill the bill.

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