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Open DMG containers to get at the files within easily and effortlessly without needing to repair or convert those files to .ISO first. Download free and try this great tool today!Get at files that are locked away At times you need to unpackaage a DMG file and recover the data that is stored inside. DMG Extractor is very specific and directed in it’s purpose and does this task very well. Works with Raw Zlib Bzip2 and Zero block type DMG containers and is able to extract from each of these different types. You can even play video files directly from a DMG file instead of extracting it competely. A great feature!(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Free ApplicationWhen you need to extract from a DMG file likely something has gone wrong and you’ll looking for a fix. You don’t want to find a tool that might work and have to pay for it to see. DMG Extractor is completely free to use so you won’t have to pay for licensing in order to see if it will fix your problem. best of all this free app doesn’t come packaged with any spyware or bloatware hassel free. Download DMG Extractor today for all your DMG file management needs and see first hand how it can work for you!

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