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ESET SmartSecurity Premium v16 x64 torrent

ESET SmartSecurity Premium v16

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ESET SmartSecurity Premium v16 Trusted uploader

Neutralizes all kinds of threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware.

Cloud Reputation Service Validation:

the ability to whitelist safe files based on cloud data reputation;

only information about executable files and packaged programs is sent to the cloud.


Media management Blocks removable media from unauthorized connections.

Allows you to create rules/configure settings for specific media, removable devices, users and clients.

Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)

allows you to set rules for the system registry, processes, applications and files.

Provides protection against unauthorized access.

Identifying threats based on system behavior.

Removable Media Management (available at

ESET Antivirus

Blocks removable media from unauthorized connections.

Allows you to create rules/configure settings for specific media, removable devices, users and clients.

Automatically removable

Media Scan allows you to scan devices and removable media for malware.

Option to select one of the following options: auto launch / notify user / no scan.

Minimal system consumption

consumes minimal system resources, which ensures uninterrupted operation of programs and stable operation of the system.

It offers reliable protection even for older devices.

Multiple platforms

protection Detects and neutralizes threats targeting Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

ESET System Rescue

allows you to create a bootable operating system image to clean infected computers with an installed antivirus scanner.

Information access control (available in ESET Security)

web monitoring

Restrict access to a certain category of sites.

Provides the ability to create rules for user groups according to the company’s security policy.

Removable media management

Blocks removable media from unauthorized connections.

Allows you to create rules/configure settings for specific media, removable devices, users and clients.

Trusted zone validation

Provides reliable protection when a new or unauthorized network is detected.

Two-way personal firewall

Prevent unauthorized access to the corporate network.

Provides protection against hacker attacks and theft of confidential information.

Remote control

centralized management

It allows you to manage all ESET products through a centralized management tool.

Improved customer management

Allows creation of dynamic and statistical client groups for easy configuration and enforcement of security policies.

role-based management

Ability to assign rights to different ESET Remote Administrator users:

ESET Remote Administrator User Audit;

Integrated password protection for administrator accounts.

remote installation

Perform remote installation of ESET software on multiple terminals at once.

Export/import policies

It allows you to import/export/modify policies in XML.

Remote management of the module

Allows you to remotely enable and disable protection modules such as personal firewall, anti-theft protection, real-time protection, web control, client-installed anti-spam.

Reports, logs and alerts

Live web management interface

It provides complete control over the corporate network and provides up-to-date information on the state of security.

Magazines in different formats

Allows you to save logs as plain text, CSV or Windows Event Log for use with SIEM tools.

Saveworkstation logs for later analysis.

event alert

It allows you to customize logging and reporting parameters or choose from over 50 templates for different systems/clients.

Allows you to set the event notification threshold.

Removable device management reports

It provides comprehensive information about removable media operations in the form of logs and reports.

RSA enVision support

Integration with the RSA enVision SIEM tool via a plug-in.

ESET System Inspector

Performs a thorough system scan to identify potential threats.

Network speed and stability

Smart task completion

Allows you to set the time for running scheduled security tasks.

Minimizes the impact of the antivirus solution on the work of virtual workstations and reduces the consumption of network resources.

restoring updates

Ability to revert to previous versions of virus databases and update modules.

This allows you to temporarily pause updates or install new ones manually.

delayed updates

It allows you to download updates from three dedicated update servers: Preview Release (for beta users), Regular Release (for regular users), and Delayed Release (about 12 hours after the regular release).

local update server

Enables clients to receive updates from the server’s local mirror.

Minimize Internet traffic usage.

Enables mobile workers to receive updates from ESET servers online when they are outside the corporate network.

Faster access to the database.

It provides efficient and accelerated access to the database to quickly gain insight into the protection status of endpoints.

Cleaning the database

Allows you to set storage parameters such as times and thresholds for saving records to the database.

Microsoft NAP support

Deploy the System Health Validator (SHV) and System Health Agent (SHA) plugins on the client side.

ESET endpoint

ESETendpoint Security’s graphical user interface has been completely redesigned, offering a better look and feel and a more intuitive user experience. Below are some improvements to ESETendpoint Security.

Improved functionality and usability

Internet Access Control Create a rule for multiple URLs or multiple policies for different locations on the network. New version: Soft blocking policy and ability to customize blocking and warning items.

Personal Firewall – You can now create firewall rules directly from a log or notification

Solutions to random problems:

1. updates

they don’t work Wait, after a while everything will be fine (up to a few days)

Try changing the server to an alternative one, e.g.

2. Installation is

frozen Open task manager and exit egui

If that doesn’t help, complete the installation process and start over.

If that doesn’t help, uninstall ESET products in safe mode.


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