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ICare Data Recovery Software torrent download

ICare Data Recovery Software

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ICare Data Recovery is a file recovery system which scans drives to find any hidden or lost files. The software can check hard drives, external devices and other storage systems to recover any files which may have been lost or written over. Files can then be safely moved to a new destination or removed as required.
One Click Recovery

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With a range of supported files and a focus on clarity, iCare Data Recovery is designed to make the whole process of file recovery as simple as possible. Scans are started with a single click, results are clearly labelled and moving files is a breeze. A range of files, from images to video, are all recovered in the same way, meaning that no advanced knowledge is required. With this focus on the non-technical user, there isnt a huge amount of extra options under the hood but it performs well for a free piece of software.
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iCare Data Recovery works well as an alternative to expensive data recovery services. Everything is explained simply, the interface is immediately accessible and scans run fairly quickly. While more experienced users may find it a little oversimplified, it is a great option for occasional use to deal with emergency storage errors.

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