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Freedom 2 First-Person Shooter: Covert Strike is a first-person shooter with stealth mechanics similar to your own playing style. We play as elite agent David Jones, a one-man squad trying to prevent the outbreak of World War III in an action-packed campaign mode. You can use the environment to your advantage and surprise your enemies or shoot with firearms. 2: Covert Strike plays similarly to Call of Duty 2 or oldMedal of Honor(function() {(‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Choose your play style. It’s unreasonable to assume that as a first-person shooter, you’ll have a linear path to the end of each mission. However, 2: Covert Assault breaks the mold by creating a large open map that you can fight in such a way that you can fire your guns from the start or approach stealthily. Approaching firearms can be fun, but difficult to succeed because the AI ​​shoots regardless of range. Backstab results in a one-hit kill, flanking your opponent unnoticed; after this stealth approach appears a visibility meter so you can see if you were right or not, the large open map lets you follow different paths, try different tactics and play however you want. Likewise, despite being huge, the level designs are intuitive enough that you can’t just skip them without thinking. The placement of guards and alarms creates a sense of tension as you carefully enter each corner. Alarms quickly alert guards of your position, betraying you and pulling you into the middle of a firefight, so being smart about placing them and dodging them or shooting them with a silencer helps keep your credit, maps often appear blank whether or not due to design choices or system constraints which we don’t know, but these gaps can often break the immersion when we wonder why there is such a large room with almost no atmosphere behind each shot. First-person shooters don’t get enough credit for the sound design, and 2: Secret Assault certainly deserves it. This game excels at creating a tense and thrilling atmosphere with great background music and soundtrack. Alarm sound effects, guards announcing their next steps or actions, every gunshot and various environmental sounds keep you focused on survival. Background trails keep you on your toes whether you’re strolling through the woods or hiding in AIAI traffic, and skills add to the experience that any shooter should have. Too hard and the game becomes a series of unfair deaths. Too easy and no need to experiment with options other than seeing the person, recording. As many users say, AI is easy and very hard. But how is that possible? 2 has a problem most older shooters have had, namely an uneven AI curve. When you face off in a firefight, you’ll find the AI ​​to be remarkably accurate, hitting you with cars from unfair distances, but if you’re in a corner, the AI ​​will accidentally collide with your sight through one like a chain of dominoes of bats. The same rule applies if you’re working with AI beyond their reach; they will be running waiting to be taken down, it doesn’t necessarily have a negative impact on the game,it just creates a sense of unfair moments where you get shot immediately when you fail to get close to the map. Also, the gunplay was often unbearable to control, but that was a common drawback of FPS games in this period. 2: To attack or not to attack? 2: Covert Strike looks like any other typical shooter at first glance, and while some of the same basic concepts have been adopted from other similar titles, players can expect addictive and challenging gameplay. Each art can be tweaked with a different approach and it’s fun despite the short campaign, when you’re a player who likes the new first-person shooters, we can’t understand why you don’t like 2: Covert Assault. Give it a try and let us know what you think of it. This program is available on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 platforms.

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