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MotoGP19 is a racing game developed and published by Milestone The game is an officially licensed partner of the Grand Prix motorcycle racing series. Players take part in races based from real life tracks and prestigious MotoGP championships.

Taking Part Of The MotoGP ChallengeMotoGP19 features officially licensed motorcycles found from the real-life Grand Prix. An overhauled artificial intelligence is implemented for new challenges. The artificial intelligence is built with machine learning so that it tries to drive faster, smarter and more accurate. It identifies and learns from the players driving techniques. Fans of the series as well as motorsport enthusiasts will be surprised by how skillful the enemy artificial intelligence is. Players can join with the official riders of the MotoGP Grand Prix. There are 19 different tracks to choose from and race in. This game showcases the Historical Challenges mode. They can even drive with the ultra-fast, 500 two-stroke motorcycles. Historic Challenges mode has 50+ legendary riders, 35+ motorcycles, and 3 historical tracks. Players get the chance of driving from historical races up to the modern era. The game includes a multiplayer mode for racing against other players worldwide. There are dedicated servers for accommodating a lot of players. Anyone can invite their friends to join online races. The Public Lobby enables customization of rules, sessions and even the weather conditions. Players can pick a public race from the list of lobbies. The Private Lobby offers more controlled races and special events that only select players can join. They can send invitations to their friends. The Race Director mode allows players to make custom races and direct them. They can select the racetracks starting grid, as well as give penalties to anyone violating the rules. The Graphics Editor is for motorcycle enthusiasts. It has accessories, brands, and tools for building unique riders. Fans can customize their helmets with fonts and shapes. There are also lower back patches, racing numbers, and player-made custom decorations for very unique appearances. The Career Mode is the traditional game progression. Players take part in races and rise on the leaderboards. They only have limited numbers of engines and tires during the race season. There are 2 kinds of competitions to join: MotoGP and Pro Career. The Career Mode comes with motorcycle building. Players can boost the performance of their motorcycle during tests. They can tweak their motorcycles Anti-Wheelie System, Chassis, Engine, Engine Brake, and Traction Control (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Motorcycle Racing LegacyMotoGP19 highlights the best of the MotoGP races from 1949 up to now. It has decent casual elements like public races and customization features. Prestige also awaits for the best motorcycle drivers online.

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