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As such, you are one of the people who plan their lives using a calendar. You can check it all the time, then make sure you don’t interrupt all your activities. However, on your PC, you have to go through thousands of windows and click before you see the calendar. Praise, right? Fortunately, spending on public services is designed to fill the gap. Focus on the Desktop is a program that allows you to easily access your Outlook calendar. This simple application will put the Microsoft Outlook calendar system in front of people, so you can see yours all the time;

The Outlook desktop calendar brings your Outlook calendar to your desktop. It is mentioned there all the time so you can always check your schedule. In fact, the benefits of this program do not end there. What you will like most is that you can find the most outdated calendar feature in you; Not only can you see what’s coming next, but you can also create, edit, and even delete items from your calendar. You’ll even find all of its features, including drag and drop; (function () {(‘preview-app-page-desktop’);}); In honor of its name, Outview on Desktop loaded the tray into the system tray, so clicking it just starts the calendar. The app comes with advanced options that allow you to customize the appearance of your calendar. The configurable options offered by the application include calendar space, size and opacity. The modification of this parameter consists in choosing between the options of the right click; Computer research doesn’t limit you to setting up an email client calendar system on your computer. The app also has the ability to switch between any visual view, including the inbox, addresses, roles and notes; LimitView desktop software allows you to access your Outlook application with one click. And when it comes to features that were fun when you first opened the email program, there aren’t any others; The first thing to know is that the app does not allow you to share your calendars. To do this, you need to open your Outlook application and share a calendar from; Users also cannot view today’s Outlook page on their desktop because Microsoft has not provided a way to host the local Today page in Outlook views; Another thing that users may find a little annoying about Outlook on the desktop is that it has a high opacity rate. In fact, it is very clear that the appearance of the icons at the bottom of the calendar is more complicated than the view of the calendar itself. It is therefore difficult for users to read the entries. The software comes with a configuration option, but still clearly responds to the software problem;

Is it worth a try? Desk View starts your Outlook calendar with one click. With that, you don’t want to open your Outlook app every time you want to see your next schedules. And although it may be a good application, it still requires a series of improvements, especially withthe appearance of the calendar at startup. But if you like his anonymous style, it may be worth a try, especially if you’re looking for a way to keep your calendar outside; error correction

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