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If you hope for the role of soccer stories like Lionel Messi or Neimar Jr. to take over, be proud of what PES 2019 has in the store. Realistic Real Evolution Soccer and Gameplai The 2019 PES game brings together an array of striking visual elements along with realistic player movements. The final result of this synergy is that players in each game will be fully immersed. Some unique features include Supporting what Playback 4K HDR, eleven features of the new player to choose, including aadditional “miClub” and the ability to play as a manager. Whether you are a fan of football de-hard or if you’re just starting to be interested in this sport, it’s worth PES 2019 (feature () { app page-Desktop);}); Bonus ContentPES 2019 offers a number of additional features that can be unlocked if players have the opportunity to lend the length of the different contracted jobs. As you have already imagined, this game offers multiplier as well as full supportof directors. You need a strong internet connection.

PES 2016 is the best game in the Pro Evolution Soccer series of PlayStation 2. But in terms of graphics it’s a disaster.

PES genius (function () {(‘reviev-app-page-desktop’);}); It is difficult to identify the name of the PES 2016 genius. But it was difficult to determine that its size is not bad because it looks like an incredible detail in it. Two physicists are undesired physics and AI. Konami has great progress in both areasmaking these important balls for the ball and that overall control is more organic and unpredictable. The dog has always been a strategic franchise, now it seems that the dog in 2016 has the speed and fluency AI improvements FIFA gistadleuol.Mae’r also importantly, removing the fear of passing the ball to your teammates. Now you can be sure that allies will protect you while waiting for the opening to succeed in your team who played well over the players. itis amazing to see 22 AI players, which overlap each other, overcome each other and resist each other. If you look into action, you are invited to work with your team as a single unit, instead of treating them as a package of individual wolves. In 2016, the PES, every win, no matter how small, will win. You must focus on every part of the game – we do not target – because control in any element can lead to disaster. Accuracy, reactions and cold heads are the key to merit. PSE 2016 isA new appeal that can be found: battles or challenges arise every minute. Any micro track can lead to fame or defeat. And first of all – whatever happens – it’s fun that you can not guess what will happen next.

PS3Port? This is bad news: PC version of PES 2016 is a PS3 version port. Frankly, we have no idea why Konami did not try to adjust existing versions of PS4 and Xbox One. A older engine that has less graphics and animations in the guide less dignifiedmean. It’s not bad PES 2016 is still full of content: Only play the game, Master League, Master League MiClub PES when the only game on the field, it also has a little style football driver style almost the same as the main action. Even with regard to the PES 2016 license, FIFA reinforces, although it is still behind the EA games for similar things.

The best in the PES in 2016 is wonderful. Strategies, unpredictable, incredible and organic, but we recommend version ofPS4 and Xbox One, if you have the option to unexpected current computer graphics and to quit the game and earn 9/10.

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