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Turn photos into cartoons in just a few clicks with our Prima Cartoonizer for PC. Now you can turn all your photos and images into cartoon effects faster and more accurately. You can turn large or high-quality photos into cartoons with the best results. In addition, you can edit your photos and make a number of changes before or after converting them. Add many elements, crop photos, resize and adjust brightness and contrast.

Enjoy fantastic cartoon effects with Prima Cartoonizer!

– amazing cartoon effects!

– automatic conversion process!

– Works without internet connection!

– Output image size up to 4096 pixels!

It’s time to replace the cookie avatar on the forum with your real cartoon:

– The good thing is that you can let people know what you look like without sharing your real photo, but a caricature of yourself.

– You can make cartoons about your friends, pets, home, neighborhood, and especially celebrities and politicians.

– Cartoons are the best gift for your family and friends. You can also use them on mugs and t-shirts.

– No doubt, this software is also very fun and addictive. It is very easy to use and also intuitive.

– No great artistic skills are required as no manual drawing is required.

– The software uses very new technology to perform the entire process.

– First, it divides the image into monochrome patterns, similar to a mosaic. After that, it converts the fine details of the image into a cartoon format.

– Since it applies effects to the entire photo, the end result is always of high quality.

– Draw yourself without watermark or logo!

– Stand alone software!

It comes with several neat customization features

After a quick install, you’ll be prompted to add a splash image, an event that also highlights the app’s effects, features, and options. So you can use the small menu on the side of the drive to adjust brightness, contrast and RGB. The app also has a zoom feature that can be useful in adjusting these settings.

An application for everyone who likes cartoons or this special effect

Depending on how many effects you want to add to your photos, the conversion process may take some time. But then again, no one is in a rush to process images, and in general, it’s not a big hold-up. All in all, Prima Cartoonizer is an easy-to-use application that provides an effective way to add a tonal effect to images.

More features:

– You can even make various adjustments to the photo in a cartoon style.

– Enjoy multiple effects to make your pictures desirable and exciting.

– Easily turn your photos into cartoons in seconds.

– It is an extremely simple software whose main topic is converting images into cartoons.

– Allows users to convert photos very quickly compared to the process of texting cartoons.

– You can use the crop function to remove all unwanted parts from the image.

– You can edit your images and adjust brightness and contrast etc.

– no other separate program or software is required; she performs all the functions herself.

– The converted comic does not contain a watermark or logo. (paid version only)

– You don’t need to save the photo for printing. You can do this directly from your software.

– Resizing function is available, you can resizephotos before or after conversion.

– Various add-ons add to the overall fun and gaiety, bringing additional colors to your comics

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