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PSD Viewer is a free program that allows users to view PSD files Photoshop Documents ending with the .PSD extension. The program also allows users to rotate and resize these images as well as convert and save them using common image and converting PSD filesAdobe Photoshop is the worlds most widely used image editing program; image files are increasingly stored in this lossless format due to its ability to store additional information, such as layers, masks and colour profiles. Photoshops popularity comes with a hefty price tag, so many are left searching for a simple and free way to view PSD files. Thats where PSD Viewer comes in. Interacting with the program involves opening a PSD file in the file browser or just dragging and dropping it directly onto the viewer. From there, users can view, zoom, resize and rotate the image or convert and save it in a number of common file formats. Given its focused functionality, the programs user interface is as simple and intuitive as one would expect, but if you do need help, the developer provides a basic (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Lives up to its nameOverall, PSD Viewer is easy to use and delivers exactly what its name suggests. However, if youre looking to do extensive editing, youll need to buy Photoshop or download a free alternative that can handle PSD Viewer supports the following formatsAbre: PSD, AI, EPS


Anyone who has trouble remembering the passwords that they set on their computer could find a solution in Password Viewer. This programme does not need to be installed and is free to use while it works from both Internet Explorer and mobile applications to make it very versatile. Never Loss Your Password AgainPeople who have forgotten their password and are trying to gain access to their email account or other type of online account simply need to go to Password Viewer and click on the hand icon. They then drag the hand icon over their password box and as if by magic the password is revealed. While this could be great for forgetful people and means that they do not have to reset their password it also increases the risk that accounts could be hacked if computers or mobile phones are left unattended for any period of time. (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Password Hacking at Your FingertipsIn the end the main benefit of Password Viewer is also its drawback. While this programme makes it easy for people to retrieve their forgotten password so that they do not have to set it this also compromises security. It is all too easy for someone else to gain access to the computer of someone who has this programme installed and see their password which makes having a password in the first place rather pointless.

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