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Road Rash is an electronic art racing game that involves street motorcycle racing against other riders and the police. In the 1990s, six different doors were launched on gaming platforms. This version is a computer port with realistic graphics at the time. It has simple racing mechanics in which the motorcycle remains on the same horizontal axis when turning left or right. Physics affects the way the motorcycle moves through steep curves, ramps, hills and uneven terrain, so that players can use the terrain to start long distances or accidentally hit. Each competitor, including the player, has a resistance bar and depletion of resistance leads to Wipeout. Players can harm opponents, but be careful not to be affected by obstacles or attacks. They can steal weapons by hitting or hitting rivals, some of which are cattle, chains, bats, blanks, nunchaku and tubes. The police will also try to reach the most backward competitors. Anyone hit by the police will be destroyed and the race will be over for them. Closing the race allows players to purchase upgrades or a new motorcycle.

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