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RULES OF SURVIVAL Trusted uploader

PC Survival Rules will test the skills and willpower of 120 different players in real time. Participants must rely on their abilities, innate abilities and even a little luck if they want to show up;

The plot and survival of the gameplay can be seen as a combination of the television series “Man vs. the Wild” and the movie “Predator”. The players are thrown into a distant environment, nothing but the knowledge they possess.Then they have to collect other devices and even steal from unfortunate participants who did not survive. There are enormous obstacles along the way, such as poison gas and snipers. Fans of survival culture will surely appreciate what will be in this unique game.

(Function () {(‘Review-App-Page-Desktop’);}); No regulations. The only rule associated with survival rules is to bring it to life. There are times when a player leaves aloneand in other cases, it makes sense to work with others to accomplish the task. In any case, surprises wait and there is nothing definite about it;

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