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Creative image editor based on artificial intelligence. Creative image editor to bring your ideas to life. Have you ever wanted to achieve more with your images? Luminar Neo is an innovative image editor based on future artificial intelligence technology, which simplifies complex editing procedures and allows authors to realize their most daring ideas. And enjoy it.

Luminar Neo is a separate editor that includes many of the features of the Luminar AI editor. It also contains new tools. So there are more advanced tools to adjust image lighting parameters.

The software analyzes each image, AI will analyze and recognize depth and identify objects in the scene, giving users precise control over exposure and tone, according to Skylum.

Additionally, the new Luminar Neo editor can automatically recognize and remove various artifacts caused by sensor or camera lens contamination. But now you can automatically remove other unwanted objects in the frame, for example wires from electricity poles in the city. Another new tool is the background replacement feature.

This tool works like the existing “Replace Sky” feature. Skylum claims that thanks to this tool, photographers will have full control over the background for portrait photos. This tool will help you quickly replace the background with a brand new one from your chosen image.

This new feature adds more portrait editing tools, combining Portrait AI, Skin AI and Bokeh AI tools into one new tool.



Use a RAW image as a layer

Ability to use one editing tool multiple times

Built-in texture layer library

Manage custom texture layers

A flexible and user-centric set of tools during image editing

Use any editing tool on any image layer

Save all layers with images and masks to Advance/Appearance/Template for multiple reuse

Apply presets / layouts / templates to any layer independently of each other. Using presets / layouts / templates does not discard previously made changes.

Apply multiple presets / layouts / templates to one image with unique custom masks

The speed of the editing tools does not depend on the number of tools applied to the image

A basic local patch tool for local adjustments

Light mask

Masking based on artificial intelligence

Remove the portrait background at this time

AI sensor for dust removal

AI line removal

AI Relight based on image depth

AI to replace the sky

Improve the AI

AI structure

AI for skin repair

Compilation of AI

AI atmosphere

Body AI

AI face

AI Bokeh Portrait

Mobile sharing with mobile assistants

Number of editing tools

Number of AI tools

Ability to import and manage photos in the catalog

Synchronization of edit state

Export multiple images

Works as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop

Works as a plugin for Adobe Lightroom

Support for RAW files

System Requirements:

Hardware: A Windows-based hardware computer with a mouse or similar input device

Processor: Intel Core i5 CPU or better, AMD Ryzen 5 or better

OS version: 10 version 1909 or later (64-bit OS only)

Memory: 8 GBRAM or more (16+ GB RAM recommended)

Disk space: Hard disk 10 GB free space; SSD for best performance

Display: 1280×768 size or better

Graphics: Open GL or a newer compatible graphics card

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