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When I ask about the properties of your computer, most of you can name the processor and maybe the amount of memory and hard drive capacity. What about the others? Speccy gives you detailed information about your Speccy system. Now you can get very detailed statistics on your computer that not only contain basic things like processor and RAM but also hard drives, video cards, motherboards, optical drives, systems etc.You can view the information in a sophisticated interface program and save photos for later (function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); You may think that this information applies only to computer gamers, network administrators, and other types of technologists, but in fact it can be useful to everyone. With Speccy you can check the RAM configuration before you buy more modules or features that you want to sell, some basic onesData displayed by Speccy can also be found in certain areas of Windows systems. and there are not some additional features that we find in other similar tools: the ability to export to various formats, performance tests, a list of installed software, etc. However, since we use the same program from CCleaner, Recuva, and Defraggler, we can only make improvements Speccy is a simple system analyzer that provides detailed informationfor the configuration and technical characteristics of your computer type (desktop, laptop) in the Operating System section.

Processor review for the latest Intel Core i7 models.

Improved compatibility with LGA motherboards2011

Add external device information to peripherals.

Detect IncreaseShare and printer.

Improved exception handling.

Add language support for the Kurds.

Small changes and computer types (desktop, laptop) in the operating area systems.

processor testfor the latest Intel Core i7 models.

Improved compatibility with LGA 2011 motherboards.

Add external device information to peripherals.

Improved share and recognition detection for printers.

Improved exception handling.

Adds support for the Kurdish language.

Minor changes and improvements.

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