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The Big Lebowski 1998

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Jeff “the dude” Lebovski, mistakenly taken over by the millionaires of the same name, expects restitution to have ruined rugs and pulled his friends bowling to help him.

Director: Joel Cohen, Ethan Cohen (unpredictable) Author: Ethan Cohen, Joel Cohen Stars: Jeff bridges, John Goodman, Julianna Moore

When the “guy” Lebovski, who as a millionaire strayed, urinate two thugs on his carpet so that he paid the debt, he knew nothing. In trying to get a reward for rugs destroyed by colleagues, he’s rich, he took a job with a salary at all high. He fascinated the transformation of anger issues with the help of his bowling mate Walter Pistol-toming Jewa. Cheating leads to more problems, and soon it seemed like every mogul empire sex to the nihilists wants something with guy.

The Cohen brothers and throw their cuddly toys make more fun than this drama about the importance of scattered Poentu bowlers, who are considered the beat and drawn by cluster kidnadels, nihilists, sex, thugs and The Beauty of Busby Berkeley.

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