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Great app for calls and social messages WeChat is a free communication app that allows you to connect with your friends and family. Designed for Windows, this program has many features, as well as a social aspect that will allow you to find and make new friends. WeChat supports text messaging, group chats, media sharing, and more. It also offers cool features like LookAround and Moments, making it a combination of social media and messaging platforms. Cross-platform apps are also available for Android, iOS, and macOS; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); What is WeChat for? There are many applications that allow users to connect with other people across the world. However, this app focuses on social media or more convenient messaging. Tencent’s WeChat offers a combination of the two, making sure not to overwhelm users. You can easily download lighting programs to your computer, connect with family, friends or even strangers, view user profiles, share wall posts and much more! Easy installation and setup As soon as you are done downloading WeChat, you can install it in a few minutes. From there, the setup is pretty straightforward and won’t take long. However, to use the app on your computer, you need to install and sign in to your mobile app. Without it, you cannot authenticate Windows apps or access media files or authenticate your contacts, you will have to open the QR scanner available on your WeChat phone and use it to scan the QR code visible on your desktop. When you log in, all the information on your WeChat phone is synced with your computer, and you can easily access all of your messages, shared media, social pages, and more. You can also use the Windows application to backup and save all important data in the interface. Once you get familiar with the WeChat interface, you will find it quite efficient. The program opens to the home screen, where all contacts using the app are listed. Touching their name will open a window where you can message or call them. If you want to add more people to the chat, you can do so by clicking on the face icon available at the top right corner of the app’s built-in keyboard, which also offers various features. You can use it to record and send voice messages, add emoticons to your texts, and share photos or videos. An important aspect of using WeChat from the Windows desktop is the ability of the program to allow you to send media, documents, and other files stored on your computer. Since all messages are reflected on your phone, you can easily access them anywhere as a feature. You can use the instant messaging program with your contacts or use it tofind new people. When you create a group, you can connect with over 500 people at a time! You can also make your chat more fun by sending stickers, GIFs, and emoticons. The program also allows you to create posts and share them on other social media. WeChat offers a variety of features, some of which are reserved for the mobile version. However, these limitations do not interfere with the experience in any way. Current features include video calling, WeChat Pay, real-time location, LookAround, and Shake (which connects you to people who are shaking their phones at the same time as you). Social Media Integration When you download the WeChat app on your Windows device, you can use it to create sharing posts for Moments – a feature similar to on the Facebook wall. When you post an image or video, you can edit it from within the app using the categories of filters or effects available. Moreover, you have the possibility to share this post in your other social accounts and to decide who in your contacts can or not see your media files from your said PCA, the WeChat application allows you to share files with your contacts directly from your computer, you. In addition, there is cloud storage, where you can drag and drop files to the chat box from your phone and then download them to your computer. The software also offers a screenshot tool which allows you to capture any part of the desktop screen, edit it and immediately send it to your contacts! Your privacy control options Although WeChat downloads offer various aspects of social media that allow you to connect and talk to strangers, you can easily limit these options in the app. All you need to do is click on the Settings option and turn off the feature that allows strangers to find and contact you. Actually, you can turn off the functionality of any app which is not safe for WeChat to use? When you download WeChat on the Windows desktop, you can relax knowing that it is completely safe. It runs continuously and does not slow down your computer. The app is TRUSTe certified, supports over 20 languages ​​including English, and can translate your contacts’ messages as well as posts available in Moments. However, in order to use this program, your phone, as well as your desktop computer, must have an active internet connection, is there any other alternative? Because the world is more connected than ever, many programs are similar to WeChat. Some alternatives that you can check out are WhatsApp, Telegram, Zoom, Skype, and FacebookMessager. The latter is the only program that allows you to play games with your contacts! Do I have to download WeChat? If you are looking for an instant messaging app that keeps your chats private or a social media app that lets you share posts and connect withstrangers, you need to download WeChat for Windows. However, to use this app you need to register and verify your connection with your phone. Overall, this program is an ideal choice for;

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