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Adblock Plus for Chrome

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Adblock Plus is the Chrome version of the highly popular ad for your browser.

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When browsing the web, you’ll know how sorry the resources can be. They are flashing, they are whinking, and usually get on the way. If you are unhappy, they can even be dangerous. Adblocking Plus remove resources from the pages which you see, let them with clean, restful white space.

This add-on works through the use of filters. If some items are present on a page, the extension filters. There are several ready-made filters, and you can have as many as possible of the Adblock Plus settings menu.

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If you are a little more technically skilled, you can also create your own filters or identify previously unfiltered items by right-clicking on them and selecting a block element. It is easier to do if the developer dashboard, which displays elements of blokâŝi along with used filters.

Under the Adblock Plus settings options, you will also be able to specific sites at White (to be released from the block) and various other options. You will also see the Adblock Plus icon in the address bar and by clicking on it, you will be able to enable and disable Adblocks Plus by clicking on one click.

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If you are worried about resources during the internet, try Adblocking Plus. You will not be sorry. Adblock Plus is also available for Firefox. The Ego GmbH provides more information about the additive to its Web site.

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