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Frequently Asked Questions

What are types of Allergy?

1. Apperent Allergy

2. Hidden Allergy

APPARENT ALLERGY is the allergy type where the cause is known. For example, you may know that after having an egg you develop pain in stomach and  want to throw up the food. You know the cause which you can treat yourself by not eating the egg or products containing egg, like bakery products

HIDDEN ALLERGY is the type of allergy that, even after years of suffering from allergy one cannot know the cause of allergy. Every time the patient goes to the doctor and he gives him a long list of foods he should avoid. But when he eats those foods he has allergic problems and when he does not eat still he has allergic problems. Avoiding does not help since exact cause is not diagnosed. Instead of improvement of his allergic disease he becomes weaker and weaker due to avoidance of long list of foods which could be important source of nutrition for the body and immune system.  His allergies worsen, he becomes weaker and weaker with a low energy level, his immune system is damaged due to lack of important nutrients, he develops multiple infections and becomes sicker and sicker. If the HIDDEN ALLERGY IS DIAGNOSED, HE WILL HAVE AN OVER ALL IMPROVEMENT.

Organs involved in allergy:

HEAD:-Headache, dizziness, decrease in memory and concentration, irritability and aggressiveness and may cause schizophrenia. He loses interest in daily activities

NOSE:-Itching in nose, sneezing, watering nose, nasal blockage

THROAT:- Sore throat, pharyngitis, swelling of voice box causing immediate suffocation and even death due to allergic reaction or anaphylaxis, back dripping

EARS:-Impaired hearing, ringing in ears


SKIN:- Itching, hives and rashes, eczema

URINARY TRACT:-frequent desire to pass urine

GASTRO INTESTINAL TRACT:-Reflux, heart burn due to acidity in stomach, pain in stomach due stomach ulcer which worsens in the pollen season. Or other allergies. Food allergies can be cause of hyper acidity, reflux or even ulcer. People develop frequent loose stools, gas, distention and pain in the  abdomen during the pollen season or due to other allergies

BODY:- Feverish feeling but actually don’t have fever, pains and aches in the body. Low energy level and patients feel drained off , have fatigue and tiredness.

We have specific protocols for specific symptoms and treatments. We have a medical director who is a trained physician and is available for any case if needed. Most of our treatment plans are carried our by our nurses who are trained in IMMUNOHYDRATION IV Therapies. We will collaborate with you in finding the best treatment for your symptoms.

Our IV’s do not contain medications that you can overdose on. All of the components are metabolized fairly quickly. People can technically receive IV therapy on a daily basis if they required this, however this would be very rare and based on your body requirements and symptoms. It may be common for people to receive therapy once or twice a week.

Bruising is not usually common after an IV but can sometimes happen anytime a needle enters the skin. Blood can accumulate under the skin from small amounts of blood leaking outside of the vein. This can sometimes leave a small bruise with discoloration or small hematoma (solid swelling of clotted blood within the tissues). Bruising and hematomas usually improve within a few hours to a few days as your body reabsorbs that blood and breaks it down.

Yes we do! The more people you have in your group the larger of a discount you can receive.

We offer services in our clinic located at IMMUNOHYDRATION IV THERAPY located in Al Rehman Chambers, Fazal e Haque Road Blue Area, Islamabad or you can call
051 111 600 700 and we will also provide mobile services with in Islamabad area in future

Yes, we can administer oral or intramuscular injections of the medications based on your particular symptoms. These include B12, anti-nausea medications, anti-inflammation medication, and anti-pain medications.

IV therapies start at Rs.1500 and goes up from there depending on medications, vitamins, amount of fluid, and other treatments. Specific oral and intramuscular treatments start off at Rs.1500 depending on what medications or supplement you choose. Please see our menu for the options we have available. We try and offer the most competitive prices.

Any time there is a needle physically entering the skin, there is a small risk of infection, bleeding, bruising, and slight pain. We do all we can to avoid these common side effects including proper prep, proper needle size, using trained professionals, using vein finders and medications to help reduce pain topically. Some people may have allergies to specific medications. We take a comprehensive history to reduce the chance of giving medications you may be allergic to. If an allergy does happen, we will take the proper steps to correct the problem. Receiving an IV safe when done by a trained professional with a proper history, physical, assessment and plan.

All our IVs are started by licensed medical professionals including Nurses and Physicians. You will have an experienced professional.

Allergy like any other disease has Cause and its Effect. We will call the effect of disease as symptoms of disease. So either one treats CAUSE or SYMPTOMS of a disease.  For example a person has headache after eating egg then egg is cause of allergy to egg while headache is a symptom. If we treat with aspirin, it is treatment of the symptom. Headache will temporarily improve but will return after some time so you give aspirin again and again. His headache is not due to deficiency of aspirin in his body, it is due to allergy to egg. So treating with aspirin will cause hyper acidity or gastritis and even gastric bleeding but allergy will stay. But if we treat the cause of his allergy, which is egg, then he will get rid of his headache without side-effects and financial stress. I will give another example about exposure to pollens or dust causing asthma in a patient. So allergy to pollens or dust is the cause and the symptom is breathlessness or asthma. Now if we treat the asthma symptomatically with bronchodilators and steroids, every time the disease will progress with time and he will need more and more medicines every time, leading to accumulation of chemicals in body and weak immune system and huge continuous financial stress on family of the patient. Since the patient does not have asthma due to deficiency of these medicines. He has asthma due to disease of his immune system which has started reacting to pollens or dust. So for immediate improvement of his symptoms of asthma, the cause should be diagnosed and immune system treated so that it stops reacting. SO IF YOU TREAT THE SYMPTOMS, THE PATIENT IS CONTINUOUSLY SPENDING LARGE AMOUNTS ON MEDICINES AND STILL GETS SICKER AND SICKER. WHILE, IF YOU TREAT THE CAUSE OF THE DISEASE THE PATIENT SPENDS MUCH LESSER MONEY AND GETS RID OF THE DISEASE

Allergy is inherited as genetic disease and it is inherited from parents. If one parent has allergy then 2 out of 4 children will develop allergies and if both parents have allergies then 3 out of 4 children have chance of developing it. Allergy, e.g., allergic asthma cannot be transmitted to colleagues or people living with a patient having allergic diseases.

This is a frequently-asked question by my most patients. In fact, allergy is disease of the Immune System and can affect any organ or all the organs of the body. When allergy affects the lungs it causes asthma, when it affects the nose it is called Allergic Rhinitis. So allergy is the CAUSE and the EFFECT is ALLERGIC ASTHMA.

Allergy affects every system and every organ of the body. When a person eats food to which he is allergic or exposed to allergens in air like Pollens, molds, dust. The foods enter via stomach and Intestines to the blood while aeroallergens enter through nose and lungs to blood.  With the blood, these fine allergenic particles are carried to all parts of the body. And when these particles come in contact will allergy causing cells, called Mast Cells on these parts of the body they cause inflammation or swelling in that part of the body and thus leads to allergic symptoms like asthma or rhinitis.

Allergy affects every part of the body. Main effects of allergy on one organ of the body and lesser effects on other parts of the body. The patient will complain only of main and major complaint and ignore lesser problems. If the patient is suffering from Asthma due to pollen allergy, he will have difficulty in breathing and will not complain of any other problem. But when I take detailed history,  they will tell me that they also have feverish feeling, have  headache, dizziness, decrease in memory and concentration in pollen season, he is irritable and even aggressive some times, has low energy level, pains and aches in body, fatigue and tiredness, itching in eyes, sneezing, itching on skin, even most have rashes and even eczema on skin in this season. Most also have lose stools, gas, distention and pain in the abdomen along with asthma. They may have frequent urination, while some may start bed wetting. So when I treat patient of allergic asthma I will treat other symptoms too.

Yes food allergies can cause gastrointestinal diseases. Patients must have observed that when we do allergy tests, if one is allergic to wheat he will develop wheal or swelling of the skin where extract of wheat is pricked. So little drop of extract of wheat causes big swelling on the skin when pricked. Can you imagine what will happen when he eats two chapattis’ of wheat? Stomach and intestine has thin delicate lining of mucosa and when wheat enters his stomach, it causes swelling of the lining of stomach; there is excessive production of acid. Stomach will try to get rid of it and throws up (REFLUX), HEART BURN, NAUSEA, VOMITING & PAIN STOMACH. Almost all my patients were on antacids and Omeprazole for years and when I treated their food allergies they did not require these medicines any more

Since stomach has detected that this is a dangerous food and will cause severe damage if allowed to pass. So there is delayed emptying of stomach, loss of appetite, effect of a excessive acid production on food in stomach leads to gas production so he will have BELCHING AND BLOATING. When stomach cannot handle this allergic food even with reflux or vomiting then it starts allowing it to go in portions to the intestine. The intestine is also a very intelligent organ, which does not allow the allergic food for longer time in it so such food passes rapidly out as loose stool and the patient develops IRRITABLE BOWL SYNDROME

Our body gets vitamins, minerals and important ingredients from food to provide energy to body and stay healthy. But if person is allergic to a food and he takes it daily then instead of giving energy it damages the immune system and cannot be neutralized or detoxified by the body defense system. So this food is converted to waste fat and deposited continuously in the body leading to obesity. Typically these people try very hard with diet control and strenuous daily exercises but still they gain weight. Once these patients are treated for their allergies they are lose weight and also get rid of allergic diseases .

Many of the helpful effects from the IV come from rapidly replacing fluids, electrolytes, medications, and vitamins to help you recover. This is more rapid than ingesting the ingredients because you bypass the gastrointestinal tract and have a faster
rate of absorption and faster effect of the medications. It’s amazing how you will feel after your therapy.


Whatever a person eats/ingests, about 70% passes out of the body in first 24 hours as stools, sweat or urine and the rest goes in the blood. The body has a tendency to reject any thing which enters the body (non-self) and retains what is self or compatible. The ingredients absorbed from food remains in blood for another 2 days. During this time also body takes up important vitamins and minerals and whatever it needs while detoxifies, neutralizes or excretes and tries to get rid of these in next 2 days. Whatever food components body cannot reject are deposited as waste fat in the body leading to increase in body weight. This is different from good fat which is required for healthy body and mind.

So, for example, if you eat wheat today, 70% passes out as stools on the first day while 30% goes to blood which stays there for another 2 days. During these 3 days body immune system or defense system tries to get rid of it. So at the end of 3 days nothing of that food is left in body or in blood. But if u eat wheat daily then on 2nd day it will be 60%, on 3rd day 90% and on 4th day it will be more than 100%.  I tell my patients that if a person can lift 90 kilos of weight on his head and u put 120 kilos, he will fall down. Similarly if our immune system has capacity of handling e.g. 90% and due to daily intake it has to handle 120%, it will cause collapse of the immune system or will try to handle for some time and then will collapse suddenly leading to chronic fatigue syndrome (person is continuously

 tired and fatigued)’ has pains and aches in the body, he is often sick, develop different infections frequently since the defense system of the body has collapsed.

This scenario is good when same food is taken continuously by a person who apparently has no allergies but if patient with food allergies takes the same food regularly then he will have severe allergic disease, he is always tired, has low memory and concentration, is always having Sore throat, urinary tract infections , chest infections.  WE RECOMMEND ROTATORY DIVERSIFIED FOOD PROGRAM

Human body is like a RAIN BARREL. Huge amounts of environmental pollutions are entering the body daily through air (Industrial fumes, Vehicular fumes, pesticides, phenols, lead, cadmium, mercury, nitrous oxide, pesticides, Pollens, dust  etc.), through foods like pesticides and insecticides. These are entering daily while body defense system (IMMUNE SYSTEM) is continuously trying to neutralize or detoxify or get rid of these pollutions to keep us in GOOD HEALTH or OPTIMUM HEALTH. If the environmental pollutions entering the body are excessive and immune system does not get sufficient supply of energy from vitamins and minerals or person has weak immune system due to old age or frequent infection then the body starts showing the signs and symptoms of ENVIRONMENTAL DISEASES. ALLERGY IS ENVIRONMENTAL DISEASE

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