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Heterologus Covid-19 Vaccines By Dr Shahid Abbas

Heterologus Covid-19 Vaccines Using Alternate Vaccine Modalities as Immune Booster to Overcome the Social Challenges and Problems in the Covid-19 Pandemic

A Novel Concept of Covid-19 Vaccination paper published in the international (Vaccines and Vaccination) journal by Dr. Shahid Abbas, Consultant Allergy and Immunology. ~Heterologous Enhanced Immuno-Boosting Vaccination for Covid-19~. Scientifically and immunologically proven that if such protocol s followed it will
I strongly believe and have proven scientifically that if this protocol of ~Heterologous Enhanced Immuno-Boosting Vaccination for Covid-19~ is followed it will lead to:-
• Superior immune response but also
• Longer-lasting immune response (HUMORAL & CELLULAR IMMUNE RESPONSE).
• Protect from Variants of COVID and other viral infections due to two immune mechanisms like (IMMUNE IMPRINTING & BACK BOOST) in the future too.
• It will be effective in Immunocompromised individuals
Dr. Shahid Abbas
Consultant Allergy & Immunology
Allergy & Asthma Center, Islamabad
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