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Adobe Photoshop 2020

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The best automatic selection

The Select Subject team has been upgraded with Adobe Sensei, their name for artificial intelligence, which allows Photoshop to analyze images and guess what you want to choose. In practice, this is very good in his work: in this machine image on a complex background Photoshop manages to choose an almost perfect machine. There are a few minor adjustments, but this is an impressive first step.

Selective selection

The “Select and Hide” dialog (previously called “Specify Edge”) always contains a brush for quick selection. Now there is a new tool that allows you to make choices around the object you want to isolate: in this case, a woman is sitting on the right.

By making rectangular choices, Photoshop automatically finds themes in this area, making it easier to separate people from groups.

Sophisticated property panel

For some versions, the property bar is a reference point for information about the current level. In this version, it has received significant improvements with contextual additions which depend on the current layer and tool type. It also contains quick actions, such as “Delete Subject”, which uses the same Sensei technology as “Select Subject” to highlight objects that interest you and, as the name suggests, delete backgrounds. Note that the background is not deleted, but is hidden in the new layer mask; This allows you to correct mistakes, such as the absence of the roof of this car.

The Properties Panel is very effective by type, because it now provides quick access to all the most common printing equipment, both at the character level and at the paragraph level. Also below are the fast action buttons for converting types to frames and forming objects.

The circuit can be adjusted

Image Warp has been a useful addition to free transformations for years, allowing you to use envelope distortion to reshape an object. But he always uses a 3 3 lattice, which can be limiting. Now it is only known as Warp, it starts with four control buttons, one in each corner, with a Bzier button in each to adjust the direction and amount of distortion.

You can now add as many points as you need in the chain, either by selecting them in the options bar at the top, or by simply holding Options or Alt and clicking on the image. This provides significant additional flexibility, allowing you to create complex distortion effects that were previously impossible.

New preset panel

New panels for patterns, gradients, and shapes make storing and searching much easier, with graphical previews that show you exactly what you will get. Specifically, the Shapes panel offers a much better way to choose shapes: dragging the panel on the artwork will create a new vector layer that contains the shape.

Fill out the modifications by considering the context

Context-Aware Fill, previously a menu option, has its own dialog with Photoshop CC 2019. Now this dialog box has been upgraded to provide an automatic sampling area that completes rectangular sampling, which was the default behavior. You can also choose a special zone if you want to paint the sampling area yourself, but in practice the zone does the job automaticallywhich is quite good in most situations. And because you can bring improvements to the new layer, it’s easy to adjust later.

Layers of composition in dynamic objects

The Layers Composition Panel provides a way to create multiple versions of the artwork, allowing you to move and deactivate elements between different compositions. Layer compositions are always supported in dynamic objects, but to switch between them, you must first open dynamic objects in a new window to make changes. The default layer composition is now displayed in the property bar when dynamic objects are selected to facilitate switching between different versions of the illustration.

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