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Ample Sound Ample Ethno Ukulele v3 chikkito Download Torrent

Ample Sound Ample Ethno Ukulele v3

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Ample Sound Ample Ethno Ukulele v3 Trusted uploader

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The wide ethno ukulele aims to bring the sound of the Kamaka HF-3 ukulele into your studio.

Hardware requirements:

Windows: Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit only (32-bit not supported).

Mac: or later

VST2, VST3, AU, AAX and separate host.

10GB hard drive, Intel i5 or later.


Size: GB

High and low G tool libraries to meet different needs.

DFD technology (direct from disk)

Stereo and mono modes.

We control the resonance.

Rich application noise.

Sustain, Palm Mute, Natural Harmonic, Slide in out, Legato Slide, Hammer On Pull Off, Pop, Strum, 9 articulations, Legato of any length.


CPC (Custom Parameter Control): each button for buttons, etc. can be controlled via MIDI CC or automation.

Duplication – different samples L R.

Poly Legato and smoother glide.

Alternative tuner.

Multiple Capo Logics – Offers a variety of automatic finger logic options to cover a variety of performances such as solo, chorus, etc.


Spring Roller Editing Program – Clearly displays fingering, articulation, expression, and even noise repetition. Each note has 8 properties: height, velocity, length, release rate, articulation, legato, vibrato, and flex, with which you can make a sensitive lick.

Dice – Random Reef Generator: Clicking creates new inspiration because it is not just a random algorithm. Rather, it summarizes the rules by analyzing a set of musical points.

Convert to Multiple Formats: Converting between multiple Riff, MIDI, Tab, Each Finger, Articulation, Expression, Humanization formats automatically turns into a MIDI switch and controller.


Real samples of drums.

14 strumming notes + 26 ways to play each chord.

Strum Legato – Both Slide and HP can be played during jingle.

4 humanization scenarios.

Select and browse 2 chord modes, all chords can be customized.

Strum SEQ with a personal rhythm.

Responsive presets supported by Drag Drop.


High-quality 8-band equalizer, intuitive frequency response control, real-time display of input and output spectrum, single soleplate compatibility

2-line compressor, real-time input and output signal display, two RMS peak detection modes, soft knee support, automatic release and automatic recovery.

6-Tap Echo, real-time display of stereo signal processing, you can adjust 6 echo point parameters individually: feedback, pan, volume, etc.

An infrared echo that offers four types of infrared: room, study, room, and largest room. 3D visualization of the IR spectrum.

Tab Player:

The tab player can download and play various dominant guitar file formats. Users can download, display and play each song in a tab file. When used in DAW, the Player tab also allows users to export tabs as an audio file.

The tab player supports all the fingers, loops, chords, articulations and other characters of the loaded tab. Supported articulations include: strum, natural harmonic, artificial harmonic, hammer on / off, trill, flex, vibrate,legato slip, slide in, slide out, vibrato, tremolo punch, palm squelch, popping, tapping, letting off, staccato, dead note, grace note, ghost note, accented note, fade in and more.

As a built-in feature, the Tab player works seamlessly with the Ample Sound instrument engine, with highly custom guitar playing logic to model the actual guitar played. The tab player can even judge for himself that he automatically adds some advanced articulations when he sees fit, such as hits or a frame or other realistic and irreplaceable sounds.

Pedaling is an important factor when playing the guitar. By using the Ample Guitar Strummer engine, the tab player can not only mix different articulations in volume, but can also toggle between the jingle of multiple strings (multiple notes) at once and the hum of a specific string (single note ).

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