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AnonymoX for Chrome

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AnonymousmoX for Chrome is a plugin that lets you browse and click quickly, anonymously

If you care about privacy online, anonymousX is a good option. If enabled, you can select any IP address, delete cookies and view your public IP address, all for the purpose of making life online a little longer (function () {(‘review-page-application-desktop’); }); The problem with many IP hideers and proxies is that they are complicated to set up and can seriously slow browsing. Not so with anonymousX. It installs as easily as a regular Chrome add-on and automatically provides a random “identity”. By clicking the anonymous moX icon next to the address bar, you can select a specific identity from the list, including the American, European, and Asian steps, and one more step, prompting you to delete cookies when you leave the site or change your identity. , as a result of which you may not recognize your site. With the app, you can also switch between your own service and Tor’s and enable anonymous information in the bottom bar of the plug-in, which shows the identity you are currently logged in with and which publicly visible IP address is If If you click on this information, you can change it. This is a good little service, but not particularly flexible. The configuration options are quite limited to what you see in the interface, but that naturally means the service is very easy to use. With most identities, we also found that anonymity was quite fast, but as always, some languages ​​were slower than others, especially when choosing;

If you are looking for occasional and irregular IP hiding when using Chrome, anonymousmoX is a good free option. You can always upgrade to premium service, but if you’re looking for a little more detailed and / or customizable anonymity, we recommend watching free and informal anonymity, anonymousmoX is a great easy-to-use Chrome;

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