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Betaflight Configurator

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In a computer system, the configuration applies to the settings of each function block. It is often about hardware, firmware, software and documentation. Betaflight Configurator is a configuration management tool for Betaflight. This utility allows you to manage flight control features and help with airflow. You can also use this program to explore other settings and make best use of them;

How it Works Beaflight is a built-in program used to fly multi-rotary and fixed wing. The ultimate goal is to improve the way your drone is flying, focusing on adding great features, wide-ranging support, and flight efficiency. However, you first need to download the Betaflight configurator to set up your quadcopter on Betaflight. You will then be able to go through all the changes you need to install to better control yourself; (function () {(‘application-page-desktop-overview’);}); To get started, you need to connect your PC to a computer running Betaflight Config. Your computer will turn on NC and a new COM port will appear in the configurator. Select a new COM port and click the connect button to connect your CC; Once you have successfully connected the application and your CC, you will see a settings tab where you can access the most important features and information about your ATV. You can even calibrate your NC by pressing the Calibration Accelerometer button. This will give you a 3D model of your square that simulates the direction of physical movement; This app also allows you to configure peripherals or peripherals connected to the flight controller via CRT. To do this, go to the Ports tab, which contains all the settings you need to configure external ones; Features of the configuration The light configurator is equipped with a number of basic parameters,related to your drone flight performance. From system configuration to ESC or engine functions, you can change the CC settings. You can even change the name of the ship displayed on the Betaflight screen to make it more personal; In the configuration tab you can also change the gravity settings, dynamic filters, telemetry, OSD. But if you are unsure, you can leave it by default because you will get nothing in the air; You can also configure several quadrilateral installation modes, including armature, air mode, angular mode and beep. Please note that not all modes provided in Betaflight Configurator are flight modes. Some triggers events and; With the mode, you can adjust the drone for better performance and reduce drops or sharp drops when changing the trigger. It can also help you easily steer your drone after a crash or get stuck upside down; Note that you need to hit the save and reboot button to ensure that with all the changes made to Better FlightAll, drone lovers will find the Betaflight configurator to be a great addition. This software offers a variety of customizable features that not only ensure that their drones can fly in the air, but help to achieve maximum flight speed. However, since the app comes with different settings, new users may find it a little confusing at first. But once you get it, you can change most of them to find the best for her;

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