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Bubble Shooter 2018 FULL 64-Bit & 32-Bit Nii Nii Torrent

Bubble Shooter 2018

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We are bringing back everyones favorite classic arcade game: Bubble Shooter 2018! This time, you will not only be popping colorful bubbles because you will be playing this game to accomplish a very important task, which is to rescue the baby animals!Calling all animal loversBaby animals are trapped inside the bubbles and it is up to you to free them by popping the bubbles on the upper half of your screen. These bubbles have corresponding colors and during the first few levels, they are conveniently grouped together so shooting them with a ball of the same color will be really easy. Once you are able to pop bubbles that are nearby or attached to the trapped baby animal, the bubble encasing them will also burst and they will fall down the ground with a parachute on their backs. There are many different kinds of animals you will encounter throughout the game like raccoons, foxes, and cats! Adding a little twist of animal rescue missions in this popular arcade game makes it more interesting, exciting, and unique from other bubble shooting ;(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Bursting with colorsThe bubbles above all vary in color and as you advance through the levels, new bubble colors are added. It makes the game harder and more challenging especially when the bubbles of the same color are no longer grouped together in large numbers. Sometimes you will encounter singled out bubbles and you will have to rely on your canon to produce the color that will match the lone bubble. That is to say that the colors of your bubbles will appear at random. You may have to fire a number of times before you are able to get what you need so you need to really think it through before shooting. Continuously releasing bubbles without successfully popping those will cause them to accumulate until they eventually hit the ground. When they do, you will lose the ;Given that the bubbles are an assortment of colors clearly makes the game colorful as it is, but the bubbles are not the only thing that makes Bubble Shooter 2018 pleasing to the eyes. Its visuals and graphics also help set a light and relaxing mood. This game is, after all, made for people who have nothing to do and would like to sit back, relax, and keep themselves entertained without much funBubble Shooter 2018 is a laid-back kind of arcade game with very easy controls and game mechanics. The addition of freeing trapped baby animals is a wonderful and cute twist that effectively makes players feel accomplished. The cuteness is also an added and very much welcomed bonus. People of all ages can play and enjoy this classic arcade game.

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