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Chromium is essentially an open-source web browser project that serves as your Chrome web browsers base. It aims to create a faster, more stable and safer way for people to browse the VersionIs an updated variant of the Chromium web browser. If youre using this browser, you would find this new version to be much more stable, silent and reliable. The ultimate objective here is to ensure there is no GUI lag. The program requires least amount of user interaction and the process would bug you only when required. Google has Chromium as base but it also equips Chrome with several proprietary features such as automatic updates and additional video format support. In other words, Google incorporates the open-source browser into its Chrome browser and adds licensed codecs such as AAC, MP3 Support and ; Adobe Flash plug-in, (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Open-Source ProjectChrome first came to light in 2008. But not a lot of us know its open-source code was released at the same time. The Chromium Project maintains this open-source code. Google, on the other hand, maintains Chrome. The name Chrome may look inspired but you must know that the open-source browser isnt Google-branded. That said, the project is still quite Google-centric. For instance, the open-source web browser comprises the same sync attributes found in Chrome, letting you access the registered user space using your Google account.

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