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Staying ahead of the disaster in ClustertruckClustertruck is a unique platform game where you control characters who jump behind vehicles moving to the other to avoid touching the ground. It may sound a little scary by itself, but the truck is not moving properly. When they bump into each other, they fly in the air and fall out of control, you have the time and courage to jump between them and cross the stage to the end. Like watching a car accident, Cllustertruck has very basic graphics but the game is interesting and challenging. When you jump from one vehicle to another, you earn points based on how quickly you reach the end of the level and the difficulty of achieving the performance you achieve. There are 90 levels full of amazing drivers from the desert to the snowy landscape and high-tech tunnels. Continued collisions with unpredictable physics-based decisions mean that you must be on the lookout for both dangers and opportunities. As with all platform games, you can often die, but the accident is so much fun that it’s hard to be disappointed when you do. (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Crash and crash again If you love fast and unpredictable platform games, Clustertruck can give you hours of fun jumping. It doesn’t have sophisticated graphics, but it’s simple and clear enough that you can see every minute of frenzy.

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