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Clustertruck is a unique platformer game in which you control a character leaping from the back of one moving vehicle to another in order to avoid touching the ground. That seems challenging enough in itself but these lorries aren’t exactly being driven responsibly. As they crash into each other fly into the air and swerve out of control you’ll timing and boldness to leap between them and make your way across the level to the end. Like watching a car crashClustertruck has pretty rudimentary graphics but its gameplay is both interesting and challenging. As you leap from vehicle to vehicle you earn points based on how quickly you reached the end of the level as well as the difficulty of the feats you accomplish. There are 90 levels packed with terrible drivers ranging from deserts to snowy landscapes to high-tech tunnels. The constant collisions with their chaotic unpredictable physics-based results mean that you’ll need to be constantly alert for both danger and opportunity. As with any platformer you may find yourself dying frequently but the crashes are so hilarious that it’s hard to stay upset when you do. (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Crash and crash againIf you like fast-paced unpredictable platformers Clustertruck can provide hours of chaotic jumping fun. It doesn’t exactly have state-of-the-art graphics but they’re simple and clear enough that you can see every minute of the madness.

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