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Contraband Police

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Contraband Police themed 80s checkpoint simulator takes you back to 1981 when smuggling was rampant in the communist country. Don’t underestimate these smugglers because they are smarter than you think. They drive modern vehicles, wear deceptive clothing and do whatever it takes to get past the checkpoints and that’s where you come in. Contraband Police is an RPG simulator and you will play as a patrol inspector. It is your duty to scrutinize every document of those wishing to enter the Acharistic People’s Republic. You also need to check each package and make sure that no contraband can get through. You can try the demo version before buying the game. (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Interesting story and useful prizes As a mail inspector in the smuggling police, you serve as the first line of defense against gangs that will try to infiltrate the base with drugs -drugs, guns and even cash. However, you are not completely alone as you will have the support of your friends and superiors. When things get out of hand, you can always ask for backup. There are even times when your boss will alert you to something very suspicious. You have to remember that most of these smugglers are not friendly. They know that you love them and will immediately go on the defensive, so you need to be on your toes and on guard all the time. Some gangs won’t even stop at your checkpoints and that’s where the fun begins. When this happens, you have to call for help while you chase and shoot them. Arrested gang members will be put behind bars and you will be given the more contraband you confiscate, the more rewards you will earn. You can use these reward points to upgrade your station as well as the equipment you use for inspections. Once your station and equipment are properly upgraded, it will be much more difficult for smugglers to get past you. However, smugglers will also become more sophisticated at forging documents and concealing your contraband over time, so you shouldn’t stick to graphics and animation. In fact, many players claim that this is a better version of Paper Please. Reviewers have indicated they prefer Contraband Cop because it has a deeper story and more interaction between characters. So if you’ve played Papers, Please before, you might enjoy this more. It has a free demo version which you can try first before buying the game directly. While Contraband Police shines in many ways, its graphics aren’t one of them. It gets a lot of complaints about weak animations. Some of the moves aren’t as defined, which becomes a problem during the chase scenes. Overall, the graphics could be improved a lot to make the game more immersive. The saving grace, however, is the fact that you can move around and not have to get stuck in your best checkpoint inspector. Contraband Cop offers much more than a simple document control game. This is a game that you will really enjoy, especially if you are a fan of chase scenes. As all your efforts in this game will be rewarded, it will be difficult for you to catch moresmugglers and seized more contraband. While it won’t be taking home the award for best graphics, the story and gameplay as a whole definitely make up for that loss.

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