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Easy audio mixer

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If you need to mix two music tracks, or maybe you have a baseline and you would like to add your voice on it, try this easy to use mixer which lets you move, cut andmix all the tracks you need. By simply dropping the audio files into the time table display, you will see a wave display of your music, one per channel. Once you have all your files loaded, try to move them in the timeline, to cut and move the bits or to apply radio, add more bass, club sound mode and flanger (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });
If you feel like to sing your favourite song and you wish to record your voice, give it a try with the function provided in Easy audio mixer. Although the application claims to remove voices from any song, so that you can add your voice, it didn’t quite work with me. The final effect was just the original song with a lower volume. The program also fails to resize the frame as you need. This can be really annoying when you are working with more than two channels and you need to move tracks on the timetable.
Whether what you need is to mix a song with a base, or you want to sing and add your voice to the original track, give Easy audio mixer a try, although you will soon find some usability issues.

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