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Easy Video Maker

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Video editing is a very useful skill nowadays. While not everyone can make a professional career out of it, learning it as a hobby will allow users to show off personal photos and videos with much more flair and pomp. However, its better to start off with video editing software that doesnt have too many features that will only serve to confuse beginners. The Easy Video Maker is a multimedia editing software developed by RZSoft that has a lot of features can make your videos more interesting and fun, but not so complicated as to render you completely lost in the Process and Interface DesignInstalling the Easy Video Maker is uncomplicated, although it did take a few minutes. Although it required no additional programs to be installed, there was a lot of extracting and loading that took a bit of time to finish. However, once the installation is complete, there are no problems when it comes to executing the ;(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });If there is one noticeable flaw with this software, it would probably be the interface. Its a bit cluttered and unbalanced. For some reason, the windows arent all the same size. Some are taller than the others. The toolbar buttons are also spaced sporadically across the screen and it makes it difficult to distinguish which panel they should be for. The Settings, Preview, and Render buttons are also really large in comparison to the rest of the buttons for no discernable reason. These are all minor flaws, of course, and not at all deal and PerformanceThe cluttered interface does mean that the Easy Video Maker has a lot of features for video editors, though. For example, you can easily add lyrics to a music video using this software. You can also directly record your screen using the Easy Video Maker. This software also supports batch processing, so youll be able to edit lots of videos at the same terms of special effects, Easy Video Maker has some simple ones, but it does have a wide variety. You can do basic visual adjustments like changing the color saturation and image contrast. You can also add more decorative elements like snow, colorful dots, and great thing about the Easy Video Maker is that all of its timeline layers have labels on them and the different multimedia that you can add should be placed on the correct layer. For professionals, this might seem too restrictive, but it is helpful for Once You Learn the RopesThe Easy Video Maker seems daunting at first glance because if the very cluttered interface. However, once users get the hang of how it works, theres no denying its simplicity. It may have a steep learning curve, but its well worth the time to learn. The developers also did not slack off when it came to features since the Easy Video Maker has a lot of additional functions that many video editors will certainly appreciate. If you need a feature-rich video maker, this one is a good option.

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