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Environmental Allergy

What is Environmental Allergy

We get sick from time to time for various reasons like flu or a respiratory or a urinary infection. We all know that microbes (bugs) in our environment cause these problems. There is no doubt about the role of microbes causing ailments.However a different aspect of environment, non-microbial factors triggering illness especially the chronic illness has not been as widely appreciated as yet as it should have been.

Environmental Allergy deals with diagnosing and treating illnesses

This results  directly or indirectly from these non-microbial triggers (substances) in our total environment. These include substances we inhale like dust, molds, pollens, animal dander, foods we consume including additives, preservatives, food coloring dyes, and chemicals in our air, food and water supplies.

Environmental Allergy recognizes that an overwhelming majority of chronic illness results from environmental factors as well as from nutritional, dietary and hormonal factors. All these factors work together. This is especially true when other causes for chronic illness have been excluded.

For example if you have severe migraine headaches and your physician has ruled out anemia, brain tumor or other metabolic or structural causes for your headaches, then these are most likely being triggered by environmental or related causes.

To learn how Environmental Allergy is helping people including those who had tried everything else Medicine had to offer thus far and failed, read through the success stories attached to the various conditions we’ve treated.

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