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FIFA 12 is the latest part of the epic story of the EA soccer match. In addition to updating the game with the latest information from the team and players, FIFA 12 has provided some new and impressive last year, the FIFA series has become a worthy rival of Pro Evolution Soccer and in fact many will argue that FIFA 12 is more. Full football experience as PES (function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); What’s new in FIFA 12? From the success of the last few years, FIFA 12 introduces three main innovations: dribbling precision, tactics. defense engine and player impact. All of this, and especially the last of the three, has an important impact on the game? This means that the stroke engine has the biggest impact on the game and actually changes the dynamics of facing and contacting the game. The stroke engine in FIFA 12 makes the aspect and feels much more realistic and no doubt there will be more player injuries. When two players jump for the ball in the air in FIFA 12, they will not always land perfectly, but it can fall depending on the contact made with the other in general and it is no longer possible to limit it. “press” the button and wait for the closest defender to press and catch the attacking ball. Do it right in FIFA 12 so you can seriously confuse challenges and let players pass. Synchronization is found in this new tactical defense system and although frustrating it is ultimately more useful when you start investing in FIFA 12, you feel much more controlled than the previous version. Getting past human rights defenders is better and easier is the optimal trick that seems easier to make realistic is FIFA 12? As usual, FIFA 12 is licensed so you can play with your favorite players and clubs, and the game will follow the summer and winter transfer windows, so the team will reflect their real life because they have experienced additional enhancements and animations. This is also better than last year’s game. The full version of FIFA 12 will also have a large online component with a much larger social element. The Club League Support table will be available, so your actions with your favorite teams will contribute to the general classification of the community. EA also promised to keep FIFA 12 cool with real world football at the event? The FIFA 12 demo gives you access to Manchester City, AC Milan, Olympic Marseille, Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona and Arsenal. The choices are very limited and in this demonstration there are no configurations such as ball choice, time and length of sections. Also, not all other aspects of the game are gone, so you only play one training game, but it still gives you a good impression of FIFA 12.

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FIFA 12 is a fantastic football experience that is so close that you can play real soccer games on your PC.

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