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Realism in it (function () {(‘see-application-page-desktop’);});

Electronic art brings FIFA 15 as close as possible to reality. To achieve this, EA has added many improvements that affect the game.

The new emotion engine allows players to more realistically respond to what’s happening on the pitch, whether it’s a great pass or a bad score. FIFA 15 includes over 600 animations that capture the emotions you see during the game, including anger or protest. FIFA 15 wants you to believe that you are in the game.
The AI ​​also improves as CPU team members respond better to game situations and opponents tactically react on location.

FIFA 15 includes training tools and the ability to change tactics and simplify strategies to simplify their use. A new feature is the ability to give each player on the field a personalized tactic. Example: Give the center-back the freedom in the box while putting pressure on the opponent who wears the ball.

There are two new balance modes during the game: one for sprinting and one for a purely offensive strategy (best if you lose). Modes can be used during the game and added to the existing five modes: High Defense, Defense, Balanced, Offensive and Ultra Crime.
Ultimate Team also offers exciting new features. You can create concept teams, hire players, and play in friendly play mode. In 1v1 games, you can compete with your friends in the Ultimate Team.
With the new Game Day Center, you can follow the news and results of your team.
In short, FIFA 15 has become a place where virtual and real football can be played.

Advanced gameplay

Drawing balls is more precise and you now have better control over the trajectory of the ball.
As physics advances, control over the spheres seems to be smoother and more realistic.
The defense time is more intense when more strategy is needed to steal the ball. In the event of an impact, you can try to block the track, but errors can be added quickly.
Goalkeepers also have a new AI, so they can react realistically to neck bumps. Along with the added animations, this makes viewing photos even more exciting.

Finally, good news for those who like to play single-player: The game tests your AI skills and calibrates the level of difficulty based on your abilities. However, difficulties can always be changed through the settings.

Enjoy preview

The new graphics engine extends FIFA’s 14 images with much-needed features.
The field is worse as the game progresses, as the player models will see grass and dirt in the final few minutes.
Viewers do more and add that a realistic level is required. There are also new sound effects, for example a ball that hits the mast.
FIFA 15 also offers off-site advertising as well as cinematographers and ball boys. The built-in scenes of the penalties are great and the reps finally match up with the quality you see when playing the real gamesee.

Exciting and almost perfect

FIFA 15 introduces the latest innovations in the FIFA series.

The new ball physics is one of the best features of FIFA 15 and gives the game strategy a new subtle level. The new engine with graphics and animations is impressive and gives the game realism.

The stadiums are played with particular attention to details that have never before been seen in a football match. Responsiveness on the field is surprising compared to FIFA 14. Feeling that you can do what you want is incomparable.
The Ultimate Team enhancements provide more depth in this game mode. With the official EA SPORTS FIFA 15 Companion App, available for Android and iPhone, you can even manage your Ultimate Team on your phone.
After all, FIFA is the 15 best football matches we’ve seen so far. The big leap in quality over the previous version is remarkable in terms of graphics and games. This is undoubtedly the true responsibility of every football fan.
With EA being one of the most popular franchise companies, FIFA 15 is focusing on a game that aims to make it the best football simulator on the market.

FIFA 15 has a new engine, improved animation and ball physics, as well as more tactics and strategies for intense games and an improved Ultimate Team.

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