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Fishing with Dynamite 2020

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What is capitalism? This word inspires many passionate thoughts and opinions, often based on misconceptions and erroneous examples of business. Are societies essentially greedy? Is capitalism essentially corrupt? What do we have to do to establish a fair economic system and prosperous democracy in America?
Although capitalism was created as a morally fundamental institution, there has long been a division into who it serves and how it benefits the economy and society. When profit becomes a priority for people and the environment, capitalism can cause unexpected problems that threaten enterprises and their stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, communities and shareholders.
Fishing with Dynamite is a documentary that explores the controversial history of American corporate culture. He examines the arguments of two influential theories between shareholder and shareholder capitalism and confirms through unusual success stories of goal-oriented companies (Costco, The Container Store, Whole Foods) that care about all interested parties and do not generate value, the only shareholder is the only possible future for business in the XXI century.
The film, produced in cooperation with Aspiration Entertainment, defines the increase in the value of capitalism for shareholders, a 40-year myth that profit is a unique goal of companies. And revives the stakeholder approach in which companies meet the human needs of employees, customers, suppliers, investors, communities and the environment.
Business leaders from The Container Store (Melissa Reiff and Kip Tindell), Eastman Chemical (Mark Costa), Lukes Lobster (Luke Holden), Whole Foods (John Mackey and Walter) are working on the definition of aspects of capitalism, profitability and moral responsibility. Robb) and Warco Warehouse (Jim Sinegal), among others. The film contains interviews with teachers, writers and general directors, including Robert Reich, economist, teacher, writer and political commentator; Arthur Brooks, former president of the American Enterprise Institute’s conservative think tank; Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, Bethany McLean, author of The Smartest Guys in the Room, and R. Edward Freeman, professor Darden and father of stakeholder theory.

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