GHOST Spectre Windows 11 Superlite_Compact (21H2) Torrent Download

GHOST Spectre Windows 11 Superlite_Compact (21H2)

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GHOST Spectre Windows 11 Superlite_Compact (21H2) Trusted uploader

OS version:

Version: 21H2

Architecture: x64

MD5: 1628099bc9d1520b91e74feb56bf9132

Treatment required (not pre-activated)

đŸ˜‰ Use Windows 10 Activator đŸ˜‰


Based on initial ISO TPM compliance*

There is no supplement. New installation only


– Compact integrated + LZX (algorithm)

– FREE bloatware!!

– Optimization of swap files/services/programming/search indexer

– Powerful privacy optimization mode!

– Ghost Toolbox! (Add or remove Windows Store and more!)

– Support any other language keyboard

– Support for UWP games / UWP apps (eg Forza/GOW/etc.)

– Update (can update to the latest version of Windows 11!)

– Window update can be stopped until 2077!



– Remove Windows applications and system applications

– Remove Windows Security / Defender / Smartscreen

– Disable Remote Desktop / Tablet Keyboard / NFC / Clipboard / Focus Assist – (Superlite only)

– Disable print spooler (if you need printers, set automatically in services)

– Delete OneDrive

– Disable Action Center / Notifications – (Superlite only)

– Disable telemetry – (Superlite only)

– Close error messages – (Superlite only)

– Disable UAC (Never Notify)

– Delete the WinSxS backup

– Remove Winre (can be added with Ghost Toolbox

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