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Goat Simulator

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Living like a dollar in a weird simulator has never been. The co-stimulator is what he loves: reproducing life; open world to wander around, scare others and ruin everything you see. funny in its simplicity.

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Anarchist goat

In Goat Simulator, one becomes a free lawn in the open world (not really too big) with the sole purpose of destroying everything they earn.
You can blow as much as you want to scare other people, scare objects and people, invade people’s homes, and destroy cars, fences, or basically what’s in front of your horn is your weapon, but you can also use goat tongue to do nothing too much. or bite items and items to drag with you.
Goat Simulator has no real purpose or mission to accomplish. The only important thing about the game is how much you spend and destroy everything you find to earn points in the hope of getting a position.
You can earn as many extra points as possible by performing certain actions that appear on the screen, such as flying a special jet pack for a fixed time. Strange right?
Keep in mind if you are crossing the road or you can get to cars or trucks, but don’t worry too much about your daily routine with just one click.
The game world is yours to explore and you can find unexpected surprises offered by developers, such as rings to fight other aggressive goats or homes, where you can turn on the TV and play Flappy Goat (a mini-game honoring Flappy Famous Birds) .

The controls are simple but very inconsistent

Transfer your money with a WASD key; with 1, you color, with E, you run out, with your R, using your special forces and with your Shift. You can move the camera in any direction with complete freedom of movement, and with the left button you can touch whatever you want. Furthermoreyou can kick, run and act weird;
Goat Simulator is easy to play in shorts. Instant controls, while graphics and animation are inherent drawbacks.

Unbeatable appeal

The Goat Simulator is played from a third party perspective. The graphics are smooth but far from perfect and there are some glaring mistakes.
You look at the head of a goat wall or fence for no reason and your limbs disappear regularly. The animation is a little rough and lacks logic and these are just a few examples.
A serious mistake? On the contrary: these insects are part of the beauty of the Goat Simulator and contribute more to the fun. Even low-quality background music is highly tuned to a particular game environment.

Goat playing can be so much fun

Box simulators make it seem like a goat’s life is much more exciting than you might imagine, and if the game was developed without real goals to achieve, it would succeed.
You will be curious and interested in this game, whether you are all big fans of graphics, which, intentionally or not, blends very well with the crazy dynamics of anarchic goats. But you only know when you play the game.
Of course, Goat Simulator is not a game for everyone: for hardcore fans, it’s a pointless game, while casual gamers will find it weird and exciting. One thing is for sure: Goat Simulator is a fun, very original and non-standard game, and for that reason it’s worth it.

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