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Google Classroom

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Free classroom for everyone Google Classroom is a free application that allows teachers and students to follow the document. Offered by Google for free assistance to schools, nonprofits, and just about anyone with a personal Google Account, this program makes it easier for teachers and students to connect outside the classroom. The software is available for PC and cell phone, so you can use any device to access your account and start working on your studies. The mobile app also allows students to take photos, share files from other apps, and access offline apps.

Everything in a Google class started because the new web service aims to simplify the creation, distribution and distribution of paperless content. Its main objective is to optimize the file sharing process for teachers and students. For this, the application combines the creation and sharing of Google Drive functions; Google Docs, spreadsheets and slides to write; Gmail communication; and Google Calendar, use it. Teachers can easily create, collect and schedule assignments. Automatic copying of Google documents is an essential tool for them, allowing easy distribution to all students. For classes, they choose a private invitation for code students or take them directly to school; They can also track each student’s progress in activities and lessons and provide real feedback. Students, on the other hand, can easily follow tasks and, since each class has a personalized record. Despite this, they easily show the separation of images and files. The mobile version will require great device approval, and you’ll be limited to anything that’s missing from the G Suite apps. However, it is a fun app to use for online schoolwork.

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