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Google Earth

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Google Earth is a computer program that allows users to 3d Earth’s lies created by satellite images displayed. Consumers can look at landscapes and cities of their computers and experience the world like never before. From a review of the entire world to the scene of your own street, discover nearly any place in the modern world with Google Earth. Whether you are on your phone or on your computer, Google Earth, you see the world with just a few world google earth started as a program that can be used in areas such as real estate, intelligence, hyperchelation and Urban Planning, but soon to Become much more. Anyone with access to a computer or a smart phone now have the ability to access the world for which a card will not fit. Google Earth use satellite images that are placed on top of a digital world. This means that consumers can effectively traveling the world with quick Google (feature () {(‘ overview-app-page-desktop ‘);}); A realistic view unlike Gp navigation applications that create a computer-generated odour of city’s streets, Google Earth creates the application through the use of actual photographs. Of review images taken by satellite on street-level views captured with a Google self-propelled vehicle, all space and then layers create virtual images taken from the soil.

Google Earthis is a geographic educational tool that allows you to see the Earth from all angles, free of charge, thanks to a combination of satellite imagery, aerial images and street view. The powerful search engine, a formidable amount of information available, and its intuitive use make it the best way to discover the Planetni live on, but also the sky, the Moon and even Mars. Google Earth is also available for Android, Mac and IOS.

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Explore the world with Google Earth

Google Earth is a type of interactive Atlas 3d. It will be possible to see how (almost) every corner of the world. From the largest cities to National Parks, and even Underwater, not all of the wonders of the world is just aclizing away.

If the Earth is not enough for you, you enjoyed photographs of the Moon and Mars, and the Forganbetweenstars. The Google Earth’s search engine helps you find the location that you are looking for something with the help of Froman’s address, and coordination of GPS.

Google Earth offers very low which contains information on places like borders, roads, buildings, trees, 3d images, and so on; You also add content to Google Earth, such as pictures of places you have visited. Integrate the Google Earth street view feature on Google Maps, which allows you to roam freely around a number of cities available.

In addition to all these features, Google Earth also gives you the ability to create paths, measure distances, Add bookmarks, images and even a plane flying with a flight simulator.

Travel with the mouse

Navigation in Google Earth is very intuitive, and you need only the mouse or buttons on the screen. You are out, turn and approached the scene and travel freely over the land. In terms of enjoying a virtual walk with a View Street, you start by the little man icon dragging on a street that is available (shown in blue). The Lyriois also excellent; It is easy to teAssesseer itself as a scroll with the mouse. The search engine and all the other options that you see on a left-hand menu, which makes you enjoy the smaller view.

Essential program

Google Earth is a greatand wonderful tool for observing the Earth and our environment. The grafisis, as well as the many places you visit in detail. The texture and the proposed contents of the different layers are regularly updated. Google Earth is an important program that will take you halfway through the world without leaving you; While this program is very unobjective, if you are looking for a free alternative, NASA World Wind can consider something;

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