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You have never known true terror until you get the chance to play Granny. It is a horrifying adventure game that wills you to explore your grandmothers house. The catch is that your grandmother, who is supposed to be sweet and caring, is actually out there for your blood! This horror game is like an extremely terrifying version of hide-and-seek where you must escape the house before she catches you!

Keep out of grannys sightThe games mechanics are pretty simple. You will find yourself trapped inside grannys house and your main objective, of course, is to escape it by exploring other rooms, solving puzzles, and finding clues that will let you unlock the barricaded front door. Granny will give you 5 nights to leave so be sure to make every night count! The night ends the moment granny catches you and you will be waking up again in the same room where you first started. To give you a bit of an idea, the game begins with you waking up alone inside a room where you can familiarize yourself with the controls and movements before finally braving outside to explore the rest of grannys home. Warning! This room will not keep you safe from grannys clutches! You will have to eventually venture out and go to other rooms even with the ever-looming threat of being murdered. Do not worry because you are not completely vulnerable once you have stepped outside. There are lots of places you can use to hide from granny like ducking under tables and going inside empty cabinets. Also, trying your best to keep quiet as you sneak around helps a lot in keeping yourself from being detected by granny. For an old woman, grannys hearing is very good and she can hear your footsteps, the sound of doors closing, and things being dropped on the ;(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });The horror factorGranny is played on the first-person point of view, making the whole gaming experience more terrifying and personal. Throughout the whole gameplay, you will find yourself always in a rush to find a new hiding place especially when you hear grannys voice. It is not going to be easy because the house is a maze and it is very easy to get lost in it, not to mention how dark some rooms can be. The place is overall creepy with its ancient-looking paintings and creaky floorboards, which are usually the reason why granny is able to pinpoint your location quickly. With that said, you should know that if you are able to hide successfully and granny fails to spot you, she leaves behind bear traps! If you ever get caught in one, do not panic and just follow the games instructions on how to remove it, but quickly!Unexpectedly scaryGranny may not have the same advanced 3D graphics of other horror games like Amnesia and Silent Hill but it surely delivers. There are also different game modes that offer various levels of difficulty and horror. This is a surprisingly scary yet fun game! The house is big and interesting enough for you to keep exploring even if Grannys on your ;

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