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Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 6

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Sentinel Hard Disk is a multi-operating system hard disk control application. The purpose is to find, test, diagnose and fix hard disk problems, display hard disk status, performance degradation and errors. Hard Disk Sentinel provides complete text descriptions, tips, and displays / reports the most complete hard drive information on your computer or external host (USB / e-SATA). Many different alert and reporting options are available to ensure maximum security of your valuable data.

Hard Disk Sentinel monitors hard drive status, including health, temperature, and all values ​​(self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology, integrated with state-of-the-art hard drives) for each hard drive. It also measures hard disk transfer rates in real time that can be used as a benchmark or to detect possible hard drive errors, Disk Sentinel performance can be used effectively to prevent serious damage or data loss as it has the most sensitive hard drives. health assessment. the system is very sensitive to disk problems. In this way, even small problems cannot disappear and failures or data loss can be predicted. This gives you the opportunity to back up important and valuable data. The professional version has scheduled and automatic backup options (in case of problems) to prevent data loss caused not only by errors, but also by malicious software or accidental deletion.

Here are some key features of “Hard Disk Sentinel Professional”

– Easy to use interface

– All information is displayed in the main application window. Quick controls allow easy navigation to access all hard drives, partitions and a variety of information. Intuitive user interface element displays information using green / yellow / red to indicate the levelproblems. Detailed text descriptions and context-sensitive help guide users through functions and options.

– 1. Install 2. Configure 3. Stay protected

– Just install, set alerts and backup options and your system will be safe. You will be notified of the problem, but if all goes well, the Hard Disk Sentinel just sits in the tray and displays the current status. Data is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

– Current analysis – Sentinel Hard Disk can communicate with IDE, Serial ATA and SCSI hard disks to monitor its status and temperature. The status of the disc is displayed as soon as you start the application, there is no need to scan the disc for a long time. Displays the current and maximum hard drive temperature.

– You can read all general and vendor-specific attributes and control their values. For advanced users, all raw data is displayed, including power-on time or read / write errors. Sentinel Hard Disk interprets performance and fitness values ​​and displays calculated performance and health percentage, total power time, and remaining estimated useful life.

– Disk status in Windows Explorer: View your current health status and space used in Windows Explorer or anywhere in the application, so you always know the amount of space used for each partition and disk status.

– Information on request – You can display the current temperature and health of the hard disk in the system tray, in a small status window and on the desktop itself. Average and maximum temperatures are recorded for all hard drives and this information is shown in the graphs for statistical purposes.

– Recording: The Sentinel hard drive records all delays in all SMART settings. For example, if aes finds a new sector that cannot be fixed on your hard drive, you will be notified.

– Warnings – Sentinel hard drives cancreate different types of alerts on different issues. You can run various tasks (even external applications) in case of problems. It is possible to send a daily email about the current status

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